Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Have a cow, man.

Suddenly, a lot of the more inexplicable ideas being hooted about in the monkey cage start making a lot more sense.

(For what it's worth, while I could rattle off large swathes of the Bill of Rights verbatim, and name all the members of the Simpson family, I couldn't name one judge or contestant on Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire American Idol Survivor?)


Anonymous said...

I don't pay too much attention to these surveys. I find a lot of people just like screwing with the pollsters (Do 20% of Americans really think the First protects pet ownership? - well, actually, I suppose owning a pet could be a form of speech in some ways, but I digress...).

Justin said...

I believe it.

Quasi-related anecdote:

I've got a buddy (that actually WOULD know the questions posed in the serve) say the other day he'd really like to see the 19th ammendment repealed.

I just looked at him funny for a while and reminded him what the 19th was for.

He was thinking of the 17th ammendment.

Anonymous said...

sorry to poach this thread.

But consider this a request for an opinion piece on ARs. You seem to be pretty knowledgable in that area and I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'd trust your advice more than the random characters off thr & tfl.

I'm shopping for my first AR this weekend at a show. Perhaps a piece on how to check used ARs? Or value them?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"But consider this a request for an opinion piece on ARs."

You mean like this?

Project House Gun

Anonymous said...

yeah. that was an excellent piece.

I was thinking along the lines of "Project Three Gun AR"

or in the spirit of the Jim March Revolver checkout, a "Tam's Used AR Checkout"

just throwing out some ideas..