Monday, March 13, 2006

The Churl Can't Help It...

I really, really, really desperately want to believe that this is some kind of propaganda or urban myth, but it doesn't take a great leap of imagination to visualize the awful stink of truth behind it.

One word: Scum.

Okay, two words: Cowardly pissants.

Actually, a lot more than two words: I don't care what your excuse is, you pusillanimous little knuckle-walking troglodytes. If you so much as think about bringing that little aberration into my neighborhood, I swear to Wotan that you will catch a case of the Deads so fast that they won't have time to find 72 raisins for you before your misbegotten ass splashes down in Paradise.

Look, Achmed, no veil:

Bring it.


Anonymous said...

Sure, Tam, hog all the Mooslum miscreants for yourself. Didn't your parents teach you to share?

Can we play, too, or do we have to wait until you're reloading?

Anonymous said...

Got-damn but you've got some beautiful eyes, Tam...

Sorry, it needed to be said.


Xavier said...

Don't forget to slather some bacon grease on them and put panties on their little heads before you blow their skulls open.

Trading Places

Good Show Tam! You da Man...uh....Gal!

Tiffani said...

Yeah Boy! Thats the way we roll! lol

Anonymous said...

I somehow expected a picture showing more of a 'go ahead, make my day' attitude. Would've went well with the gun. :-)

I already read about theses things someplace else and couldn''t want to believe it was true, because it's so outrageous. I wished all the women I care for would be allowed to carry (and do it!). :-(


Dan said...

More pictures! Oh yeah, holding um.....Guns that's what we were talking about. Guns.

Very cute.


theirritablearchitect said...

I think I can say this without pissing off the wife,

jay g is right, nice pic of you with your sidearm!

Tam, you've said before that you are a serious wheelgunner, how about some others like that?

phlegmfatale said...

give 'em hell!

Oh - my links are finally up, and you had to be on the list.

Great post. Chilling - unbelievable. That is part and parcel of why I say the feminist movement was dead on arrival the minute they were co-opted and then marginalized by liberal democrats. Where is the outrage, indeed?

Firehand said...

And assholes(ain't no other way to put it) like these are one reason I taught my daughter to shoot. And she got a 9mm on her birthday.

I do have to add in, you take a lovely picture, lady.