Thursday, November 01, 2007

It should hurt to be that vapid.

"I've done extreme things," says the actress, who appears in "American Gangster" this month. "Sometimes I actually want to look harsher or a bit tired. I'll do anything that works for a part."

Case in point: Gugino, 36, recently bleached her hair for a movie.
You wild and crazy chick, you. "Hold me back, Velma! I'm gonna bleach this sucker!"
Life on the bright side is "fascinating," says Gugino,
Not to put too fine a point on it, honey, but coming from you, that's damning by faint praise.


phlegmfatale said...

Perhaps she was referring to the Brazilian wax she sported in Sin City. Isn't it great that she will reach into her very depths to look kinda crappy some days? Good acting.

Anonymous said...

phlegmfatale, got a link to a picture of that? I need to judge for myself.

-- male ox

Timmeeee said...

You were expecting political discourse in the InStyle section?

Funny part is, I was expecting to read something about Guns, Motorbikes or Books, in a blog called

What kind of vapid ninny reads InStyle anyway?

comatus said...

Jeeze tim, call Consumer Reports. Is it Tam's fault Romulus Augustulus sold his Flying Merkel?

I didn't see you bitching about the barbed penis trap...