Monday, December 03, 2007

Democracy, Si! Pugsley, No!

Unable to stuff enough ballot boxes in time, Chavez's attempt to get the voters to remove presidential term limits allow him to be Dictator-For-Life failed by Election '00 margins. With a 56% voter turnout, the raft of constitutional amendments fell short of passing by a narrow 51-49 split. What makes this impressive, however, is that in addition to the Obvious Tyranny stuff, the referendum was packed with the typical "Free Beer For Poor Folks On Tuesdays!", and it still got shot down.

cf. Vlad the Imperiler; maybe Puglsey should have asked him for some campaigning advice.


Anonymous said...

Welll, they're just going to have to hold elections again, and keep doing it, until they get it right!

Got a comment for us, Jimmah?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he can get the requisite campaign advice from any Midwest school board.

Matt G said...

"In the last year, Chavez has nationalized oil, telephone and power companies and refused to renew the broadcast license for RCTV, an independent television station that had been broadcasting for 53 years."

Just the guy you want to trust with no term limits! I'm sure he'll run a fair election, right?