Monday, December 10, 2007

Really, you have to admire the sheer gall of the man...

I mean the whole stunt of riding a train while your Samsonite takes the Benz was gigglesome, and the punchline of "I use public transport when I can." was priceless. (Here's a hint, Al: Just because taxpayer dollars somehow underwrite a Gulfstream, that doesn't make it 'public transport', okay?) But, incredible as it may seem, the cow exhaust only got deeper from that point.

He said the world cannot hope that technology alone will counter the threat, but that people must be prepared to change to way they live.

"I don't think this means we have to go back to living in caves but lifestyle change means you have to be conscious of the impact of your actions," said Pachauri.

Asked by a Norwegian youth newspaper what young people could do, Gore said every effort helps.

"A lot of them you probably know already: Changing a light bulb," said Gore. "All these individual acts are important. They all help, but they won't solve the problem by themselves unless we have changes in the laws and in treaties."
And there you have it, kids. Change your life. Make laws and treaties. Laws and treaties that will require powerful bureaucracies to administer them in order to make sure that you have adequately changed your life. And these bureaucracies will need administrators to run them. Administrators who, due to the stressful nature of their jobs, will be immune to the planet-saving regulations that we little people will be suffering under. While you're driving your depressing little shitbox of an over-regulated, under-powered car from your freezing home to your non-smoking office, your betters will be taking the train...

...from their Gulfstream to the smoking lounge of a five star hotel. Given that, who wants a crap job like shoveling out the Augean Stables at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Let that shrill cow have it; he'll be giving her orders from the UN building by 2011, anyway.

Hey, it's to save the planet. What cause could be more noble? Why are you complaining? Are you some kind of traitor to Mother Gaia?


breda said...

I'm beginning to think that global warming was invented by the lightbulb industry.

Anonymous said...

One good volcanic eruption would expose the Goracle's climate nonsense for what it really is.

Anonymous said...

"...the Goracle's climate nonsense for what it really is."

Viva new Catholicism, eco heathen!

theirritablearchitect said...

I got a kick out of seeing this during the ritual tossing of the Sunday Pigskin yesterday.

I almost assaulted the TV.

Mark said...

Oh, the was a delicious bit of snark and spot on target too. I've been saying for a while that Gore wouldn't run in 08 because Tipper would kill him over the pay cut.

The man has one of the biggest scams of the early 21st century going and the best part is that he bankrolled it with his family's big oil money.

phlegmfatale said...

As someone brilliant once said (a 15 year-old) "if Al Gore can't change his ways, what hope is there for the rest of us?"