Saturday, December 22, 2007

The GOP is failing to thrill me...

In all this chatter about Romney v. Huckabee, we're losing sight of a simple fact: Both these guys have the charisma of a lamppost. The media has them both in heavy rotation right now because Hillary would steamroller either one (aside from the fact that they're both about as liberal as she is...) Heck, Obama could beat Huckabee in a general election, and Barack shares a name with the guy for whom we just threw a necktie party in Baghdad, an unfortunate coincidence not normally considered an electoral plus...

The only two GOP candidates who could beat Hills despite the media bias are (hawk *SPIT!*) Giuliani, because the media doesn't hate him too much, and Fred, because he's got enough stage presence to overcome media bias in a one-on-one general election. The media hated Reagan, too, but that didn't keep him from winning the last landslide election victory this country's seen.

Put all the media driven poll crap out of your mind and picture Rear Adm. Josh Painter in a one on one televised debate against the junior senator from New Yawk... Fred would beat her like a drum.

This won't happen, of course, because the GOP is going to pieces so fast that people are getting hit by the shrapnel. Between Huckabee leaving his Baptist Christmas turkey carving knife in Romney's Mormon ribcage and Pat-fer-gossakes-Robertson endorsing the crossdresser from New Yawk, the GOP seems to be putting in overtime to make sure that Bill Clinton gets to hang his toothbrush back up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


Carteach said...

Why are you holding back? What do you really think?

Of the pack, I lean most towards Thompson. We did pretty good the last time we put a conservative actor in office.

The rest.... Lets just say I wouldn't invite them to dinner. Shucks, I wouldn't let them in my front door even. One or two, I wouldn't p--- down their throats if their hearts were on fire.

Fred.... I could ride in the truck a few hours with him without hitting the eject button.

Roberta X said...

...You're gonna make me a Fred voter yet...

Anonymous said...

If all else fails, at least Fred can act Presidential. I mean, what the hell, I can picture him in the job and I can't say the same about many others in the pack. How's that for an endorsement?

Tam- An old favorite used to describe the GOP I noticed. They're pretty dangerous dudes when they're cornered.

mousestalker said...

I'm leaning towards Fred.

Also, I don't think the situation as regards to the GOP is as grim as you paint. This sort of 7th grade tattle-taling is pretty normal for a wide open primary. Come the general election, everyone will be wearing party dresses and hugging and kissing again.

Anonymous said...

I like Duncan Hunter, aka the candidate most likely to inspire reactions of "Who?" (Well, mostly... the positions he holds that make me want to puke are mostly ones where I think his chances of getting his way are slim and none.)

Of the ones that people are actually aware of, I lean Fredwards. He's not a RINO, he doesn't flip-flop like a fish on a deck, and like others have said, he actually has the charisma to carry a general election. He's got that "national Dad" thing going.

I wouldn't make any bets on who's actually going to be the candidate. When the base is this splintered and cranky, primary races have a way of breaking for some candidate no one in the media or polls would have predicted.

theirritablearchitect said...

Either it's Fred, a Third party candidate, or I'm not voting at all.

The GOP Chair should take note of this.

Anonymous said...

My concern is that I would vote for a GOP candidate I don't like, simply to avoid Hillary.

Rustmeister said...

I'm hoping for a Thompson/Hunter ticket, even though a Hunter&Thompson ticket would be... gonzo.


I just saw Ann Coulter endorse Mitt, so I know two things.

1. She's just a bomb-throwing hack

2. I was right about her all along.

Billll said...

Every election the Donks search the country and beat the bushes to come up with a candidate fresh from the barricades at the winter palace, for whom no one the the right of Fidel Castro would voluntarily vote.

Every election the Reps check the seniority list of the nearly retired, and find some colorless apparatchik
whose charisma has long since been surgically removed to oppose.

I am almost convinced that neither party, seeing what they would inherit, actually wants to win.
Almost. The Ds have a strong " Dieu et mon droit " streak, and the Rs get elected on a "See, we told you so" line.

GunGeek said...

If Mitt can take Michigan and Massachusetts away from the Dems, it would be awfully hard for them to overcome that switch from blue to red. That's some serious electoral college numbers.

The only issue is whether or not his religion will lose him some southern states. Give him the right running mate to retain the South and it would be hard to beat him.

Now, since I like Fred so much more anyway, howsabout a Thompson/Romney ticket? If he could still pull in MI and MA as a VP, Fred would easily retain southern states and whammo- the Repubs stay in the white house.

Tam said...

"If Mitt can take Michigan and Massachusetts away from the Dems... the Repubs stay in the white house."

To what gain? Romney is even less of a Republican than Dubya.

The difference between Romney and, say, Kerry is what, exactly?

Carteach said...

Not one whit of difference.

The menu is worse that McDonalds.... A heaping helping of socialism, followed up with some fried
collectivism, and a large 'wavering in the breeze' shake on the side.