Saturday, December 01, 2007

Quote of the Day:

Dr. Strangegun in the comments section on the possibility of a Duncan/Fred ticket:


JPG said...


Tams, I read that line,
Hunter-Thompson 2008, because this... is bat country.

Somehow I flashed on Doctor Hunter S. Thompson, and was about to make some comment on how appropriately gonzo is the currently political situation.

Alas . . .


comatus said...

O yes it's subtle all right.

The difference between Now and Then: when Hunter Thompson covered politics by just taking a lot of drugs and making shit up, that was something new, different and hilarious. Today he'd be CNN's debate moderator.

The giant Samoan bodyguard was genius, though. I've got my eye on one

Anonymous said...

If Fred could only find a prospective opponent with the last name of Center, during the March Primaries we could have this headline:

Thompsen, Center, Contenders in 3/08

ba-da- bum, thank you, Tip your waitresses, I'll be here all week.

Anonymous said...

oo yah jimbob! Should I try the salmon too?

Our problem is...that Fred's problem is...that:

Thompson is contending with the Center--or what passes for a "center," anyway. Looks like Left to me, though.

Anonymous said...

Not that I would vote for either of them, but that line was made of pure win.