Saturday, December 22, 2007

There really is a web site for everything.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Jennifer Gooch's mission was to create a simple Web site where people could go to find their lost gloves. Even if no happy reunions ever took place, she was just content to spread a little good will.

But just a month since went live, the Carnegie Mellon University art student is busier than ever. She's reunited four gloves with their owners,
Must be a really slow news day.


Don M said...

More evidence that things are going really well in Iraq.

No bad news about Iraq to bump this off the page?

phlegmfatale said...

next on her list: car keys and odd socks.

Christina RN LMT said...
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Christina RN LMT said...

I can't believe she's planning a book.

Ooooo, how interesting, pictures of gloves!

Oh, and look! She's added captions, too!


Sign me up.

Anonymous said...

Does she have OJ's Isotoners?

Anonymous said...

One of the more common items found on the roads. You would be surprised how often both gloves are found together(well, somewhat near each other) I've lost a couple pairs from laying them on the back of the truck, while doing something requiring bare hands.
Sure wish I had found the match to a leather version of Mechanix brand I found, that doesn't seem to exist. Fits me like a, well, glove, so to speak ;-}

Tam said...

If I can ever get this wormhole to reach critical mass and spark off, I'm going to set up a lost 'n' found site for socks that disappeared in the dryer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tam, Jerry Seinfeld has a lock on the sock theory.
They aren't somuch lost as escapee's.
They hang on the door when you open it or cling to the pair of jeans only to let go when you aren't looking.
I did catch one the other day. It was escaping out the back door in my dogs mouth. The sneaky bastard.