Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Girls Gone Vile.

Once upon a time, it was considered chivalrous if he held your hair out of your face while you spewed. Apparently now he has to take pictures, too.
"[They think we're] sloppy, unladylike, low class,'" she wrote in a recent instant message conversation. "[But] I've noticed when college boys do stupid things when they're drunk, they're just being boys."
No, they're being boors. There's a difference. A sloppy drunk is a sloppy drunk, no matter which bathroom they barf in.

Speaking as someone who has yelled at her shoes once or twice in the past, I must say that I'm a little baffled by anyone who would consider that to be a moment worth documenting on teh intarw3bz for all the world to see. (And some under their real names, no less! Do they think their future prospective employers won't know how to use Google? "I'm curious, Ms. Smith; do you think that sitting half naked on a toilet while pouring beer over your head makes you a good fit as an account manager at Smith, Johnson, & Jones?") When did drinking to the point of loss of self-control stop being tacky and start being Girl Power? I must have missed the memo...


phlegmfatale said...

This is the direct result of a generation of people being over-praised for every little fart they emit and being told their every action is cute and worthy of praise.

Anonymous said...

"I've noticed when college boys do stupid things when they're drunk, they're just being boys."

Boys indeed. Yet rather than hold them to gentlemanly standards, you lower your behaviour to match theirs, and somehow think you're in the right for doing so.

Zendo Deb said...

It's worse in the UK. When a police chief noticed that girls drunk to the point of falling down were more likely to end up as rape victims, he made a statement that maybe they shouldn't get drunk to the point of falling down.

He was crucified for something - sexism? Actually all he did was point to the statistics, but that was too much for the 'victim power' version of the women's movement.

Anonymous said...

"It's worse in the UK."

Actually, it's the same in the States, if not worse. The general approach by many is that women should be able to do whatever they want with absolutely no consequences for their actions (apparently, so doing "empowers" them).

Does the UK do the "candlelight vigil" for these types of "victims"? They're a fixture at college campuses in the US. Interestingly, perhaps, is that as many guys have found out, they're great events to attend if you're looking for kinky chicks that will put out right now. A cynical person might point out that one leads to the other.

Anonymous said...

The UK case had a US-marketable angle, attached as it was to a report on the increased incidence of ruptured bladders from females getting full as a bloody handcart and falling off the barstool.

Sounds like time for a 'Vlogs ad. Obviously no men are qualified to comment, since you've never been shitfaced and female. You can't know.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't these kids post pics of every aspect of their lives? Unlike some of us older folks they have no expectation of privacy. Heck the generation currently behind bars, I mean in school, are being raised on reality TV, Big Brother, Survivor, etc... They will WELCOME a 1984esque world. Life imitating art.

Roberta X said...

Yeah, well, so much for my "Ennobler Of The Species" plaque: no one to hand it down to!

No, really. I, too, once put in some time in bars an' it's not actually kewl. --You don't wake up feeling clever the next morning, either. "Empowering?" Ew. After enough of those moments, some of us eschew spirits. Mostly.

Firehand said...

It's flat amazing what dumbasses will put up for the world to see. Wasn't there some DA's office investigator in TX who said the first thing he did with a suspect was google him, and found lots of confessions on Myspace pages?

As to the 'just being boys', recall hearing a women, who friend had just found out was chasing a barely-legal boy, say "Why is it a bad thing when women do it, but no problem when men chase younger women?"
Reply was "You mean the men we call disgusting pigs?"