Monday, December 03, 2007

Where's the crazy?

Given the antics of Putin, Musharraf, and Chavez lately, isn't it about time for some high-profile Barking Moonbat to warn us that Chimpy McHitlerburton is planning to mobilize his mindless Christian Right zombies to get the Twenty-Second Amendment repealed and make him Maximum Leader for Life? I mean, Vishnu knows that there was a tiny but vocal minority of bunker-dwelling right wing nut jobs saying the same thing about President Bubba back in '99 and '00.

Or is this already being bandied about and I'm just not trolling the right part of the Pinkonet?


Anonymous said...

The looney, lumpy, lefty, lemurs are at it already with the Chimpy-Bush/Hitler for life stuff. I have been receiving emails for several months from a friend of a friend who linked himself to world to keep us informed about the sins of the Son of a Bush.

Every problem known to man can be traced back to Bush & Co. and he is sure that Bush will declare Martial Law and enforce his will upon the world.

I only peek at his stuff because it is so damn funny, in a sorry, silly, sick, sort of humor way, kind of like putting salt on a slug and watching it dissolve.

Lefties can screw up more historical information and spew it back with conviction than I ever dreamed possible and the amount of confusion they spread seems to be directly proportional to their education.

So perhaps we can sleep well tonight because, according the hard core demented Dems, a handful of old white men are really in charge of the world.

Comrade Misfit said...

I haven't seen anything credible about that and, if you've seen my blog, you'd know I pay attention to those who are critical of Der Monkey Fuhrer.

Anybody who looks at this knows it would take the House and the Senate to propose such an amendment (fat chance of that happening) and then 38 states would have to ratify it (slim chance of that), so even if the Kool-Aid Drinking Wingnuts would like to make Chimpy McFlightsuit Preznit Fer Life, there is no chance of that happening.

Anonymous said...

That prez for life rumor's been around since Nixon, that I know of.
Someday it won't be a rumor. Until then, I take it all with a pinch of salt, usually around the rim of a glass.

Anonymous said...

lergnom, all that salt can't be good for your blood pressure. For your health's sake, drink it neat.
"Prez for life" wasn't a rumor when G.Washington was in, and I figure most of the honor he gets (not on this site) is due to his refusing it. Devil due, though, he did get the fellas to write a sneaky clause to allow Hamilton the post; luckily there was a Burr under his saddle.

We certainly have an unwieldy process for amending the Operating Plan--and when you watch Venezuela, aren't you glad.

Matt G said...

I was wondering just about the same thing...

Anonymous said...

Well, he obviously won't do it "legally." I mean, the whole point of a coup is to circumvent the Constitution. So one morning he pulls Executive Order 666 out of his desk drawer, signs it, and immediately every commander in the military opens his sealed orders and next thing, bam! Troops surround Congress, Pelosi, Murtha, Reid, Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer and a few others are shot on the steps, the rest dutifully vote full emergency dictatorial powers and there we are.

And of course, in Lefty Land, the entire US military, being brainwashed uneducated racist redneck goons, happily march off and follow orders.

And that's what the DUers and Kossacks are creaming their pants about. Even though they know it won't happen, it gives them a huge thrill of possessing secret knowledge, which is the lure of all gnostic cults.

Roberta X said...

So, unindicted co-conspirators, do you want the link to the HuffPo article, "10 Steps To A Po-lice State," or have you found it already?

...This stuff has become predictable near the end of every Presidential term. That's pity; crying wolf works even better than slow-boiling frogs.

Anonymous said...

Slow-boiled a blender. Mmmm.

Dang good eatin' if you fix 'em right. I'm a frog'n-a-blender man/Evahbuddy knows I aim.

B.S. philosopher said...

It's not even remotely hard to find such a thing with even a cursory search at such purveyors of stylish tinfoil headwear as Daily Kos or DU.

You just need a strong stomach and the ability to control your gag reflex while dredging through their hate-filled screeds.

For instance, this nutbag, on July 20 of this year.

perlhaqr said...

So, what? Which sort of nut does it make me that in spite of the fact that I hate what the Shrub has done to my country, I fear the thought of him as dictator for life less than the thought of the Bitch making president with the powers he's signed into law?

Oh, right. A libertarian anarchist nutjob. I forgot. :D