Friday, March 21, 2008


First thought yesterday: "Wow. It's been, like, a month since I talked to the folks."

Second thought: "It would probably help if they had my phone number."

To any kin and such on my regular chat list who haven't received updated contact info: You know I'm scatterbrained. An elbow nudge via email wouldn't be taken amiss...


Matt G said...

Been leaving messages.
Wondered what was up.

Roberta X said...

...I've been holding her incommunicado.

Except, of course for the intarw3bz. Nobody looks at that old thing!

Ambulance Driver said...

Does that mean that you answer e-mails now? ;)

Tam said...

I'm probably batting a record high on responses. I'm maybe up to 20% or so.


Anonymous said...

You should just post your phone number on your blog ... in 18 pt. bold Times, along with that THR forum bikini shot.

That will get you some phone calls.

You betcha.

( be sure to post mp3s of the most amusing calls for us ... )