Thursday, March 13, 2008

You still can't stop the signal.

Effin'-A right.

How shocked they'd be to find that on so many issues we're on the same page. The difference between us is that I plan on using something more, ummm... authoritative than an iPod to keep from being shoved into the cattle car.

(H/T to Unc.)


breda said...

I just had a sudden urge to go out and buy ammo.

Mark said...


That's even more powerful than the "First they came for..." vid that Oleg pointed out a while back.

srone said...

Age, Guile and an AK47 Beat Youth, Innocence, Idealism and a Bad Haircut. With apologies to P. J. O'Rourke

Words Twice said...

Nah. Could never happen here.

NotClauswitz said...

Where's Code Pink when you need them?

Anonymous said...


Is MTV's message supposed to be, "Don't Ride the Subway!"?

Does the director know that those same camps were liberated by white guys with short haircuts and guns?

Oleg Volk said...

So ironic in view of MTV's anti-gun stance.

Feanaro said...

As Frank Zappa belted out some forty years ago, "It can't happen here. Baby, it's important that you believe me... that it cannnnttttttt happpennnn here. I been checkin' it out..."

Mark said...

fearnaro, I trust you're being ironic.

The precondition for it happenning here* is simply for enough people to say "it can't happen here". Without realising the individual responsibility to prevent it happenning here, that assertation is a grenade with the pin out.

*here being pretty much anywhere, to be honest.

Assrot said...

You and me both. The only thing they will shove into a cattle car that is mine is my cold dead body full of holes after I have taken out as many scumbags as the number of rounds I have on me at the time.

Should be a good many since I carry and I carry all the time and I carry a backup along with enough ammo to reload each thrice.


Anonymous said...

I can't understand how people can shut their eyes to the turning of the tide.
Stand up and demand the facts. Don't take some politicians word for it.
Take a stand for something you believe in and have your facts all lined up as if your life depended on it.

Because it does.

Yrro said...

There's something so incredibly horribly ironic and sad, to see the "this video has been removed for copyright violations" message.