Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Geek bait.

While apparently any Nigerian word salad can convince Aunt Edna to open an email and type in her bank account and Social Security numbers, the savvy nerd is a little harder to entice into clicking on junk mail.

Here's an example of a good lure for getting the monkey to stick his fist in the jar: College chick proves shes swallowed aigialosaur. You have to admit that it beats the depressingly routine "Refinance Your Viagra With Bigger Breasts In Seven Days!"


Anonymous said...

I find that hard to swallow.

(Insert snare tap and cymbal from the house band here.)

But you know...

CrankyProf said...

OK, I read that as, "refinance your vagina," and had a "wait -- you can mortgage those?" moment...and then realized that marriage is basically a cooter mortgage.

Anonymous said...

Try to string together words similar to those in the email subject:
College Chick = Teen Girl
Proves = Shows
Swallowed = Fellated
Aigialosaur = Dead Lizard = Limp Penis

And you get a perfectly typical spam email for a porn site:
“Teen Girl Shows She Can Fellate Limp Penis.”

I think all the time I spent in Taiwan, Korea and Japan in a previous job has made me a master of translating Manglish, the “Mangled English” of the locals.

For Example: Would you like to Largificate the Manitudeness of the Trouser's Legless Reptile?

Anonymous said...

Well, since plastic surgeons are now advertising vaginal tightening, hymen reconstruction, labial reforming, clitoris reshaping, etc... I expect that someone is out there providing loans...

Oh, and yes the ad was in wiht our USPS delivered junk mail yesterday. Sadly I think the wife threw it out.

Tam said...

"......and then realized that marriage is basically a cooter mortgage."

Dammit, I just blew snot on the monitor screen!