Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mysteries of the Universe #457,390:

How come the same lipstick that comes off actual lips in no time whatsoever will remain on a coffee cup through an hour-long blast with rotating jets of scalding hot soapy water?

Business Opportunity: Make a lip primer coat somehow involving glazed ceramic molecules.


Lorimor said...

Can't be bothered with this one right now. Still tryin' to figure out how socks get lost in the dryer.

Jeffro said...

Fortunately, I haven't experienced this particular problem.

I know nothing about bras as well.

Rob K said...

Two year old Child # 4 got into the wife's long lasting lipstick a few weeks ago before church, smearing it all over his cheeks. It took prodigious scrubbing with a variety of removers to get it off, and there were still faint places when we left.

On hearing the story, several ladies inquired "What brand is that?"

BobG said...

"Still tryin' to figure out how socks get lost in the dryer."

They don't get lost; some of them mutate. That is why you can put in four pairs of socks, and when you take them out there are eight non-matching socks.

Billy Beck said...

{hah} I am here to dent your life, Kiddo.

Did you ever read an SF short-story entitled "Inanimate Objection"? H.C. Elliott, 1954.

Goggle's Book Search will show you enough of it to get the picture.

It's one of the most insidious things I ever read in my life. It's been a tiny little haunt in the back of my brain since I was about fourteen years old.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Solve problem.

Marry a girl (or guy as the case may be) that does not use lipstick.

Problem solved.

Some quandry's are so easy to wrap up.

Anonymous said...

It's a well known fact that dryers make clothing self aware...upon becoming self aware they immediately attempt escape to warmer climate at the equator to maintain new found self awareness. Unfortunate for the new sentient beings, they shortly cool and loose their new found mental abilities and are often found dead along the side of the road...