Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spotted on teh intarw3bz.

A clever sigline I saw at
"I don’t blame home run hitters who are devoted to performance enhancing cleats on the fronts of their shoes as long as they use Spaulding baseball gloves."

Cute. :)


José Giganté said...

Sorry, but anyone who supports this kook-a-doodle-doo has bounced their reality check.

Anonymous said...

Well Jose, perhaps you and those who think like you ought to move back to Europe or whatever third world outhouse you or oyour ancestors crawled out of.

I am sick and tired of people stating that attempting to follow the Constitution is a sign of being a kook, freak or crazy person. If you dislike and disagree with the central contract which created this nation why are you living here?

No, I don't completely agree with him, and he may be somewhat of a kook, but so what. He is the ONLY one I am aware of who actually consults the Constitution and tries to follow it's guidance. The others appear to look at the Constitution trying to see where else they can trash the document.

Tam, sorry he stepped on a nerve. The sig was quite clever.

NotClauswitz said...

Heh, I think someone went off half-cocked there. ;-)

dr mac said...

Does it come in a bumper sticker ?

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul does support the Constitution. It is the only thing he has going for him.

He is still a loon.

Cybrludite said...

It's not his support for the Constitution that makes him a loon. Just because he's right on that doesn't excuse the rest of it. In point of fact, it makes his actual wackiness worse because it can be used to tar the rest of us Constitution supporters as being refugees from the Art Bell Show.