Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Like night follows day.

Sure as god made little green apples, give a government a list of gun owners and the government will find a reason to use that list to round up the guns. It's happening in California even as we speak.

"Oh, Tamara," you say, "but it was illegal for these people to own guns!" Yeah, today it's a boilerplate restraining order, tomorrow a Prozac prescription, the day after will be membership in unpopular political or religious groups, and next week it'll be unpaid parking tickets. Once the .gov has a list of where the guns are, all they have to do is tinker with the requirements of ownership and they can round up as many as they want.

Registration leads to confiscation, with 100% correlation.

Each and every place, each and every time.


Anonymous said...

"As soon as we burn'em," said Chinn, "more come in."

Well, that's an unfortunate choice of words. At least "Arbeit macht frei" made an attempt to sound positive...

The Cabinet Man

JT said...

What bothers me most about all that is the ease with which Person A can bypass Person B’s due process and get a restraining order against Person B, thus removing their right to self-defense. Doesn’t even take cause, probable or otherwise - just Person A with a sob story to tell a judge inclined to take their word at face value.

“Yessir judge, that guy right there’s a baaaaaad man, and I want a restraining order against him so he can’t keep his gun.”

B&N said...

Anyone who has been paying attention to history should know that registration will undoubtedly lead to confiscation, without even hitting your links.

Still, makes me grind my teeth to read it.

staghounds said...

The way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it.

This particular law may or may not be bad (I think it is), but connecting the "I have" with the "You can't have" lists ought to be done.

That way people can see the use to which the registration lists are put, right in their own neighborhoods.

Gregg said...

That's one reason that I have problems with CCW licenses. In addition to turning a Right into a priviledge, it gives a handy registration of who owns firearms, especially since most CCW holders own more than just their carry weapon.

Tam said...


While I applaud the idea behind the law, I agree that they are a mixed blessing. The main difference between mandatory registration and a CCW law is that one does not require a citizen to register the fact that he or she owns a "Government Be Good" rifle.

Gregg said...

True, but it does give them a handy list of people who are likely to have the training to utilise such a device effectively.

Then again, in the 1940's we did stamp out a bunch of "Government Be Good" (tm) pistols. Admittedly, we shipped them to France.

Anonymous said...


unfortunately, this and other exclusionary premises can be and are implemented far more often through the national database accessed through ffl transactions...

talk about "registration"...the law may require the "destruction" of information of buyers who are not disallowed, but that database of the disallowed is compiled by computers and government, and i don't trust either.

the most serious threat to gun acquistion (and retention) today, especially with the impending changing of the presidential guard, is top-down through ffl's...already thousands and thousands of ffl dealers (me included) have decided that the liability and risk of the loss of everything they have just ain't (individually) worth it.

don't believe it? when gov can't find enough "disalloweds" they create them; just ask a bunch of gun store owners in ga. and n.c. about their experiences with the nyc atty general re "straw purchasers"...and in that ag's eyes running those guys out of business, ruining their families' financial lives, maybe even doling out some incarceration, is a great way to eliminate a stream of those evil guns, and they don't give a rat's ass if there is legitimate basis or not, because their plan and goal is universal disarmament...

registration? tamara it has been in force for years, its name is nics and its "uses" are myriad and just on the cusp.

defenses? well, to the ffl there are none; he is on the front lines with no armor and no ammo...more and more will have no choice but to give up the ghost...so i always told my customers, and i'm telling ya'll now, in the near term be sure you have at least a few of your firearms purchased on the secondary market (private legitimate sales, no 4473 and no nics)...and aggressively defend the exclusions of these transactions from "oversight".

and long-term? only the aggressive cultivation of representative government guided by the Constitution can help...and that is long-term indeed.

regards, jtc

Tam said...


Tell me about it. I was in the FFL trenches from '93 to '07. I'm thinking about nosing around Indy for a part time gig, but I'm afraid it's not a growth industry, long-term.

Oldsmoblogger said...

gregg and anon (#8) have a point, and our ol' army buddy Private Transfer can be a good friend, but there's another way to look at NICS and CCW: as the correlation of forced.

The more CCW holders there are, the more people who openly buy EBRs (I just got myself a Saiga 308-1) and say, "Here is a free citizen," the more likely it is for someone on the other side to add up the numbers, purse their lips, and think to themselves, "Wow, that's going to be a big job. Really big.

"Maybe too big."

They say, those who say such things, that the SKS import figures in '93, after passage of the AWB and before it went into effect, caused jaws to drop in relevant data centers all over Washington.

Jaws should be dropping there Every. Single. Gorram. Day.

Oldsmoblogger said...

That should be "forces" at the end of the first graf, Spell Check is also your friend, but apparently not mine...sheesh....

Jay G said...

Boy, I sure wish I had a gun or two that weren't on any list...

B&N said...

"The more CCW holders there are, the more people who openly buy EBRs (I just got myself a Saiga 308-1) and say, "Here is a free citizen," the more likely it is for someone on the other side to add up the numbers, purse their lips, and think to themselves, "Wow, that's going to be a big job. Really big."

In your best Obama voice, try this;

"And I don't think that job is too big, for a country as hopeful as ours..."

Don't ever get confused on this matter, they want to subdue us all, and they are just biding their time until the timing/opportunity is right.

Just wait.

Oldsmoblogger said...

No argument on their intent, b&n. The sons and daughters of ordered liberty will contend with the minions of the State until the Second Coming or at least the Indians and the Cubs make the World Series in the same season ;-).

And it's also true that there's no accounting for hubris or stupidity, but absent those, greater numbers openly committed to liberty might make them bide their time longer.

Those people may be true believers in something, but even if they are, they are decidedly not the kind to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor (the first two are all they have anyway). They won't move unless they are sure of success. Anything we do to deny them that assurance works in our favor.

To be sure, there are a variety of perfectly legal ways of denying them assurance of success. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Too often, he said, people unaware that past convictions barred them from owning guns would buy one and not be stopped, then face state enforcement."
So, in CA, you can purchase a handgun, wait 10 days for the DoJ to bless the sale, then a year later they come and arrest you for having an illegal handgun?

And, if they destroy the guns as soon as they confiscate them doesn't that make the appeals process pointless?

Flintlock Tom

Anonymous said...

Well, it's all fine and good that they may want my guns. But when it comes right down to it, ANYONE trying to take my constitutional guranteed liberties is no longer an American, but my enemy. And in the final act, I'll burn'em down.

And i won't be alone.

Addendum: Any non-armed citizen who supports them is a traitor, and subject to same.

staghounds said...

"So, in CA, you can purchase a handgun, wait 10 days for the DoJ to bless the sale, then a year later they come and arrest you for having an illegal handgun?"

Well, the buying of the handgun was the crime, as is its possession.

So yes, you can possess a handgun illegally and have it take a year for them to catch you.

We've all decided through our representatives that the legally adjudged by due process mad or felons stop being one of "the people" who have a right to possess firearms which have moved in interstate commerce. It makes perfect sense, given that, to try to prevent it at point of sale.

If it didn't happen at point of sale, it's not as though you suddenly step out of the prohibited class.

Any more than the fact that you blew past a policeman at 90 yesterday means you won't get a ticket today.

AgPilot60 said...

I am a small rural FFL & I don't have to comply with any zoning laws. The ATF received my renewal papers in the middle of January. Not a peep out of them. I am on pins & needles as I've got less than a month before expiration. This reminds me of the 1st renewal after the Clintons election and the new FFL regulations when my FFL expired while waiting. It took 10 more weeks of phone calls & prodding to get them to go ahead and send the new license after promising everytime that I would have it within a week.
Not Feeling Very Confident.

cmblake6 said...

Welcome to the "wonderful liberal" 21st century. Ain't it great? Anybody ever give any credence to the concept of the Illuminati? I don't know who's really in control, but it's damn sure NOT "the people".

Anonymous said...

They'll just close the registry...

Zundfolge said...

I'm almost afraid to put this out there publicly, but I'm surprised that antis haven't figured out this sure fire way to shut up every RKBA activist.

All the anti needs to do is have a public debate with with an RKBA supporter and the next day go to a judge and say "I had an argument with so-and-so and they have guns and I'm afraid for my life!" and bam! restraining order and an end of their days as a gun owner.

Who would DARE publicly support RKBA after a couple dozen of their brethren are stripped of their guns?