Thursday, June 12, 2008

I guess it's too late to burn the nest.

I get mad enough when I read about some idjit tofuista trying to make their pet cat (order Carnivora) go Vegan, but that can't possibly compare to the vein-bouncing-in-the-forehead mood into which twaddle like this puts me.

The irony of the situation? I'm sure good Vegan Mum and Dad would have supported bringing charges against a snake-handling backwoods yahoo who tried to treat their child's leukemia with a prayer hankie and a visit from the preacher.

Well, Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous, how does it feel to know that your asinine beliefs have permanently broken your kid? Morons.


theirritablearchitect said...


That wasn't so much snark as...wrath.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

There simply is not a punishment horrific enough for these people. Everything I can think of is either too fast, or not painful enough. Drawing and quartering seems reasonable, I suppose.

Mark said...

Some things deserve wrath. In fact, this desserves a couple yards of stout, hempen rope and a trapdoor. "Up the long ladder, and down the short rope", to use an Irishism.


Rob K said...

Disgusting. But I think they've bought their own punishment, having to live with what their stupidity has done to their kid. It's really sad too because you can get all the vitamin D you need from 20 minutes in the sun daily. Being in Glasgow, that's a bit harder, but still.

theirritablearchitect said...

"Some things deserve wrath."

Oh, I'd agree, wholeheartedly, but it's just a departure from the norm.

theirritablearchitect said...

"It's really sad too because you can get all the vitamin D you need from..."

A glass of MILK!

And it doesn't require the killing of any animal to get it, if that's what they're worried about. Just disgusting.

I've really got to wonder, do vegans believe in breast-feeding their children?

Tam said...

No, because (and I'm not making this up) that would be exploitation of the mother.

Rob K said...

B&N, don't you understand? Dairy farms are like Auschwitz for cows! It's a holocaust! Milking cows is just as bad and evil as killing and eating them! They're slaves in a life of grinding toil and misery! if the non-aggression principle applies to animals. And as far as I've heard vegans believe in breast feeding.

Somerled said...

It is highly unethical to take a plant's life; to pollute the environment through the production of synthetic amino acids and unnatural clothing; compete with grazing animals and rodents for scarse vegetation; to enslave "house pets" with "no morals or beliefs"; and to abuse children by thrusting them into an environment where everything, including growing up with a straight spine, is unethical or immoral.

Anonymous said...


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

"Mum feels guilty about the whole thing and feels bad about it." Aww.

Sadly, the parents won't have to do jack. This is England. NHS will handle it all, probably including home nursing services, transport, and suchlike, and the parents won't miss a minute of their holidays in the South of France or anything else.

"Mum feels bad about it." Mum doesn't know what feeling bad about it is. Mum ought to be dressed in sackcloth and ashes, locked in the stocks for a week, and forced to wear a sign that says "Veganism == Death".

And Dad ought to just be shot.

Anonymous said...

You know your body can make Vitamin D from the sunlight that is absorbed by your skin?

Well, that's not exactly true. Your body uses sunlight to change CHOLESTEROL into Vitamin D. If the kid had eaten a cheeseburger and then played in the sun (or, what sun they have in Scotland), she'd be fine.

Anonymous said...

Plants aren't food. Plants are what food eats.

Rob K said...

Yeah, but your body can make its own cholesterol from carbohydrates. (That's one of the problems with the classic steak and potatoes dinner.) They had to have been eating plenty of grains.

Anonymous said...

Veganism is a self-extinguishing prophecy. They're only going to "vegan" themselves out of existence. If veganism was such a viable way of life, they would have evolved with eyes at the sides of their heads so they have a 360 deg. view of any predator on the prowl. But being that their children never develop normally enough to survive/procreate to pass on their sheep genes, they're all pretty much doomed to a single generation. Too bad they have to bring innocent children into their idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Your body can make cholesterol from carbohydrates, but it can't make essential fatty acids, hence the "essential" part. EFAs have already been identified as essential to the ability of vitamin D to shuffle calcium into usefulness from the digestive system.

This is why the vegan society has information on its page on how to get them from plant foods, even if it has a lot of other back-patting fat-phobic nonsense on it. I regard the vegan diet as inadequate and vegans as a largely silly and obnoxious group, but it CAN be done without giving a kid freaking RICKETS.

Most likely they are like most "vegetarians" and "vegans" I've met- they consumed volumes of plant-based but largely nutritionally empty pasta, rice, bread, and other starchaliciousness, and think they're healthy because they're not eating the dread meat and dairy. Our nutritional establishment has done the kind of bang-up job we've come to expect from government in shaping our ideas about what's bad and good for us. Poor kid would be in a lot better shape if she'd been eating a broad variety of, uh, VEGETABLES along with tons of seeds, nuts, and oily fruits.

Anonymous said...

"No name and shame?" On the contrary, I've always been in favor of the stocks and pillory for this and similar crimes of willfully-ignorant hubris. In public. Pelted with feces, urine and putrid food. Preferably animal-derived putrid food.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Tam,
It's never too late to burn the nest. You have to start somewhere.

At least that philosophy works with vampires and scorpions.

Assrot said...

Well I'm a little late on this one but it sounds like someone is trying to paint all Vegans with the same brush.

I have to disagree on this. We don't need meat and we don't need dairy. I've been a Vegan for a very long time and I am as healthy and strong now as I was when I was 20 years old. (I'm currently well past the half century mark.)I'm also much healthier now than I was when I ate meat and dairy products.

If a person decides to become vegetarian or Vegan, they just need to educate theirself on what to eat that replaces the nutrients in meat and dairy products.

On the other hand, there is no cure for stupid and I think this girl's parents were just plain stupid and she paid the price. Had they educated themselves on a proper Vegan diet, this would not have occurred.

Stupid is as stupid does Tam. There are morons in every walk of life. That doesn't mean everyone is a moron.

Not only are this couple morons, they are poor parents that need to be prosecuted and they are a disgrace to the Vegan way of life.

What decent parent would not take a child to the doctor when she is sick? What decent parent would not give the child what the doctor says she needs to make her well and strong again? These people aren't Vegans they are gotdam idiots that need their child or children taken away and they need to be locked up for the rest of their life and fed the diet they fed this poor child.

People that hurt children really piss me off. I wish I could be a mercenary appointed by the government to kill all stupid parents and raise their kids or put them where they can be raised properly.

My kids all had a choice. I never forced anything on them unless it was to prevent them from harming theirself. Some are Vegan. Some are not. They are what they chose to be after I taught them what I could.