Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today In History: Non-assimilating Catholic Immigrants Riot!

No, not today in LA; in Boston back in 1837.

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Anonymous said...

And yet, curiously, the United States and its culture survived those unassimilated, rioting Catholic immigrants in 1837. While today's unassimilated, rioting Catholic immigrants are going to be the doom of us all, responsible for every domestic problem in America, from our disastrous health care snafu to the violent crime rate to the expanding welfare state. I'm sure the difference in perception has nothing to do with the fact that they talk different, their food smells different, and God help us all, they have differing melanin content in their skin. No, only a cynic would suggest that racism has anything to do with that perception.

Well, I guess I'm a cynic.

(The irony here is that the Irish were quite literally not considered a white race, whatever that is, until the 1860s).