Saturday, July 17, 2010

Early morning pedaling... a lot more tranquil when not accompanied by the sounds of building demolition.

There's a garage near Fresh Market that was getting torn down by pickup truck and chainsaw. If it hadn't been warming up to be such a hot, sticky day, I'd have stuck around to help. It kinda looked like fun.


Dr_Mike said...

I tried that once; some coworkers and I helped my boss pull down his mom's old garage.

The plan was, slice through the roof between rafters with the saw, and fold them into the dumpster one rafter's worth at a time. Turns out very little dulls a chainsaw faster than asphalt tiles on the roof.

Plan B was bash the roof off from the inside with a sledge, and yeah, that was a lot of fun.

og said...

Nothing takes down a grage faster than some high explosives. Or, if you like, just relocate it to another neighborhood.

OldeForce said...

Of course, when the construction is at your neighbor's house and they start at 6:30 - in the a.m. - on a Saturday - you kind of lose your enthusiasm about joining in. Fortunately, we could move to a back bedroom.

They'd started with jackhammers before 8 a.m. on Friday - which is early when you're both retired.

Heath said...


Now you know why I quote demolition jobs a bit lower than some. It's just plain fun!

(And, it helped me rationalize buying a grapple for our excavator, which is really just a big toy)

mc said...

My nephew, who is an astounding FIVE!, (very cool sweet hearted little fellow), does not want a bicycle.

We are getting him one and maybe he is just, what? Honestly I don't get the math on a five year old not wantin' a bicycle.

He will love it soon enough, I keep thinking...

Reading this post gets me right up on my Trek and all eager.

Peddling and smacking down some demolition still sounds like a great day, or have I too much growing up to do in order to understand my nephew?