Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wookie, please!

Dueling cartoon taxonomies.

That's funny, right there.


Anonymous said...

"Wookie, please!"

Hey, that's protected material, kind of.

Haven't even followed your link yet, but that post title just reached right out and grabbed me; equal opportunity snark and derision...I like it!


Anonymous said...

That is way better than anything you'd find in a newspaper on Saturday morning.

I mean, since Gary Larson hung it up.


Anonymous said...

I was nodding along with the libertarian caricatures thinking, well, yeah, that makes sense. But there were three or four that just didn't follow.

Then I saw the "L" in the title and I says to myself "oh, okay, yeah".


TJP said...

The "love it or leave it" guy isn't really an authoritarian unless he flips that argument into a non-sequitur for some unrelated government encroachment or government massacre on American soil.

Believe it or not, some of us who have an anti-authoritarian streak recognize the inestimable value of people who hand over a blank check which is drawn against their lives, should the need to fight arise.

eeky said...

So they took the lefty cartoons anti-libertarian mockfest and turned it into a mirror? (And a funnier one at that.)


Jason said...

I see the title "Wookie please!" and imagine Chewbacca holding his hand out in a "stop" gesture and bobbing his head like he's already heard this argument before. Is that bad?

Geodkyt said...

The original anti-libertarian chart works, for Libertarians (as opposed to libertarians). For certain values of "works" (such as recognizing it is a satirical political cartoon, NOT a college textbook on political idealogies -- a certain amount of hyperbole comes with the medium).

There's a few that are off-base, but my personal favorite is the "Whitey" square -- where the supposed white racist is espousing a "libertarian" viewpoint I generally only hear from BLACK libertarian-leaning people. {grin} I've also never run across the "Creepy" archetype as a self-described "libertarian".