Thursday, July 22, 2010

SEAL training exposed.

We now know where NAVSPECWAR conducts the crucial "Sunglasses Selection Phase" of training.

You can't expect just any untrained squid to be able to pick out the right pair of Oakleys.


reflectoscope said...

SEAL =/ seal. Gee whiz.


Caleb said...

The writing in that article was particularly bad. "Gatlin" gun? Really?

Tam said...


He thought it was "seal" like the aquatic mammal, not "SEAL", which is an acronym for "Sleep, Eat, And Lift".

Sailorcurt said... see, he's not referring to a derivative of Mr Richard Gatling's invention, he's obviously talking about a gun named after the founder of, or possibly produced in, Gatlinburg TN.

We're just bloggers after dare we question the veracity of what is presented by an "Authorized Journalist"?

Boat Guy said...

"Sleep, Eat And Lift" aye. Weekend plans? "Sleep till you're hungry and eat till you're tired."
So the ratio is still 10 Team Guys out of about 300, but one of the ten is the CO.
G,C & FB...

Anonymous said...

Don't knock them they are still the BEST bad boys around!! They do and can open a very big and bad can of whoopass. Go River Rats!!!

Em1sw (ret)

2yellowdogs said...

Lots of live fire training down there, but apparently editors are few and far between. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Week 4 is the how to tie the SEAL/ Chinese Bandit / do rag/ triangle bandage for self inflicted M-9 and speargun wounds.

"Because thats the way we do it it in the SEALS!"

Memories of Persian Gulf 1988

I'll be laughing all day long.


Anonymous said...

I would just wear the sunglasses that Demi Moore had in GI Janes. Afterall, she is the baddest SEAL of all time!

Shootin' Buddy

Mike said...

The Gatlin gun is a special SEAL urban warfare tool for use in places such as Branson and Nashville. Highly effective against pickups, trains, dogs, and cheating wimmin.

reflectoscope said...

Tam - I know, which is why I offer mockery to the writer and editor for it.


Bubblehead Les. said...

The Brown Water Navy Lives!

Ed Foster said...

I think it goes something like "Admire self in mirror, adjust sunglasses, kill everything in sight, readjust sunglasses, return to mirror".

My buddy J.B. is a SEAL, as well as a former Marine. Also in the President's Hundred, and on the Navy pistol and rifle teams.

But every November 10th he parties with the Jarheads, and cuts the cake with his Kabar.

A man who knows his priorities.

Semper Fi.

Zendo Deb said...

I don't know. This is Mississippi after all....


Seems to make sense to me.

Steve Skubinna said...

Oakleys? No way, those are for the girly SEALs.


OrangeNeck said...

That would make a great thriller flick right there. Take a couple of massive bull sharks living in the fresh waters of the Mississippi and feeding on - what else? - SEALS!!