Friday, July 30, 2010

Shooting on the cheap.

SayUncle sells out again, this time writing up a review on his Brownells .22LR conversion for his AR-15.

Not only are these things wicked cheap to shoot, but they also let you get trigger time with a carbine at your local indoor range.


jimob86 said...

My local indoor range lets ya shoot anything less powerful than an Aughtsix..... shorty poodleshooters are not an issue.

benEzra said...

Can you avoid excessive lead fouling with these, and if not then how much cleaning is required before you go back to shooting .223? If the fouling issues aren't serious, then this would seem to be a really helpful gadget to have.

John B said...

I am SO getting one of these.
I just won an auction for a couple of those Plum Crazy complete lowers. Thought of maybe getting into the poodleshooter world. After one bags ones Elk for 10 years with the Mosin Nagant workhorse, one looks for new worlds to conquer.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are shooting .22rimfire with a conversion unit instead of a dedicated upper. A dedicated upper will have a 1 in 16twist and a .221 barrel rather than a .223 barrel. My Ar22 does not have any lead fouling and cleans up quickly. Several friends have S&W AR22's and they are quite reliable.


Andrew said...

I love mine. Mine, too, was very reliable right out of the box, shooting the Winchester XPert bulk ammo from Walmart.