Wednesday, July 28, 2010

QotD: Zing!

Apparently there's a bill in Congress that would add firearms to the list of things that creditors couldn't seize in a bankruptcy.

Hysterics erupted from the predictable quarters.

SayUncle shoots and scores:
The Violence Policy Center and The Brady Campaign quickly marched lockstep with the talking point that someone going through bankruptcy is more likely to be stressed and start killing people. There’s no proof of that, they just say it.

Of course, I guess they’d both know a bit about the mindset of someone facing bankruptcy.


Anonymous said...

So the Bradys are on record for supporting disarming the poor?

This would assist in the War on Poverty.

Shootin' Buddy

The Jack said...


It fits with their attempts to ban "Saturday Night Specials".

Jeff said...

Just think of all those Evil Black Rifles bought on credit cards in the great gun rush of 2008/2009...

Anonymous said...

Financial bankruptcy can be overcome.

Moral bankruptcy, not so much.


Bubblehead Les. said...

The problem is the bill has as much chance of getting through the House as Barney Frank paying full fare for a boat ride without whining about it.

DJ said...

What a debtor can retain despite bankruptcy are called "exemptions", meaning they are exempt from being seized (lawfully, anyway) by creditors. The debtor has a choice: he can use the exemptions specified under state law or the exemptions specified under federal law; he has to pick one or the other.

With that in mind, you can find the current federal exemptions listed at

Under these rules, firearms can be exempted under the "wildcards" category, up to the dollar limits specified.