Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Morning Shooty Goodness...

Off for breakfast and then to Iggle Crick to blow the cobwebs off.

I always feel guilty after I've missed a week. Am I going to remember from which end the bullets come out?

Running way low on zombie targets.

Worse, there were maybe thirty lonely rounds of Federal plated .22LR rolling around on the bottom of my ready ammo can; I totally forgot to stock up during the week. This means I had to dip into my stash, and that means either nasty old un-plated lead "Mohawk" brand stuff, or newer (and equally un-plated) Remington Thunderbolt.

Note To Self: Stop by the Mountain of Geese between the range and this afternoon's Blogmeet. Get more deuce-deuce.


Wolfwood said...

Interesting. I'd never for a moment consider buying ammunition at Gander Mtn. Maybe each store sets their own prices, but the one near me seems to like stocking guns at the lowest prices around but selling ammunition at about 60% higher than the Bass Pro up the street (where I would never consider buying an actual gun due to price markups).

Anonymous said...

If you don't have enough bricks of the deuce-deuce to brick the floor of the main bathroom, then you've done gone and stepped in deu-deu!

Ed Skinner said...

For Heaven's sake, take Roberta to the range -- she's writing about slugs, now. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Remington Thunderbolts... OUCH! You do need to make an ammo run!
Dann in Ohio

aczarnowski said...

The Ganders around the Twin Cities suffer Wolfwood's problem of adding too many % to the markup on ammo AND on the guns.

We still stop through during our election day ritual of taking off work and visiting all the shooty shops, but we haven't hit a deal at the Mountain in ages.

I envy your range schedule with hell bound, 7-sin, ferocity. Somehow I need to make working regular shooting into my life a priority. I'll never get much better than knowing which end the bullets come out at my current pace, measured in months.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sounds like its time to pull an inventory and see what other calibers you might be running a tad low on. Since its too hot to work outside for me, I'll think I'll grab my list and do the same.

Blackwing1 said...

My experience with Thunderbolt is such that I'd never, ever buy it again. Shooting through a Ruger 22/45 I got through about 75 rounds when my accuracy dropped through the floor. I also noticed that the rounds were keyholing, often punching through the paper sideways.

I cleared the pistol and went off the line. The barrel was dark, so I tried putting a cleaning rod through wouldn't go.

When I got home I used an old aluminum cleaning rod, and had to hammer it through the barrel. I got a perfect tube of lead out the end. That ammo had been so soft that it lead-plated the entire bore. I ended up using a lead solvent to get the rest of it out, and the Ruger still shoots just fine.

But I threw away thre rest of that brick of Thunderbolt, and vowed to never buy it again, regardless of price.

Geodkyt said...

I ran two bricks of Thunderbolt through my 10/22, as part of a long series of various ammo in my "How long can I shoot this before it chokes on crud?" run.

Never noticed keyholing or a huge degradation in accuracy -- but then Thunderbolt wasn't bench rest accurate to begin with.

Sure, the bolt face got stomache turningly goopy and it started to stutter, but a quick swipe of the pinkie finger over the bolt face through the ejection port would settle her down for a few hundred more rounds.

Of course, I found it doesn't play well with after market Butler Creek, Eagle, or RamLine mags, but I've always found those all work lots better with CCI Stingers or MiniMags anyway.

When I did break down and clean my 10/22 (this spring, after having it 5 years), I didn't notice the bore being particularly dark or choked, and one wet pass with Hoppes soaked patch, two passes with a Boresnake, and one pass with a lightly CLP'd patch did the bore just fine.