Saturday, July 31, 2010

You know what I love? Kitten pie!

PETA has pumped up its colossally moronic "Sea Kittens" ad campaign, a pathetic attempt to antropomorphize homely cold-blooded creatures that suffer the dual handicaps of being both tasty and dumber than most anything else with vertebrae and which are, as a consequence, routinely outwitted by five-year-olds armed with nothing more sophisticated than a string and a worm.

Now they want to use their funds to splash the "Sea Kittens" message all over the side of a fossil-fuel-gulping jet that has a carbon footprint like Shaq's snowshoe and which, as an added bonus, might even serve braised sea kitten as an entree in the first class cabin.

When you become a Gaia-huggin' PETAphile, do they remove your irony gland for free, or do they make you pay to get that done?

Meanwhile, I suddenly have a craving for sushi.


Jayson said...

That looks like a 'shop. Hawaiians love their fish, too. They love it grilled.

mc said...

I remember reading some time ago about Ben Franklin being a vegetarian. As I read it on a voyage to England he noticed fish in the belly of another fish and decided that God had the order intended, then jumped off the twig gnawing pile.

I just tried to google it and it looked like a C.F. of acrimony. Vegetarians have taken him for one of their own.


Tam said...


That is indeed a 'shop, since the thing is just a proposal at this point.

Also, Hawaiian apparently doesn't operate 737s.

Joseph said...


If PETA actually gave a damn about animals, they would actually, you know, HELP animals. Instead of using naked starlets and shock campaigns to raise money. I don't ever recall where PETA has actually DONE anything good.

Ed Rasimus said...

Apparently since Jan of '09 the Sea Kitten campaign has not taken off in the heartland. First I heard of it, but the website is simply precious!

There is great prestige to living at the top of the food chain. No reason to give it up!

Anonymous said...

Shhhhh! Don't f this up, Tam.

It was Bambi, then Elsie, now HelloFishy...

In the queue is little Sprout, poster plant for what it turns out is the silent suffering of all our FloraFriends as we EAT THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

The Save the Sprout campaign will put these (former) grazers at the very bottom of the food chain with nothing that they can bring themselves to eat, ultimately volunteering their wonderfully empathetic selves for the soylent supply, (but I ain't eatin' that shit).

Then they'll be gone, contributing rather than taking from Mother's dirt...and that is their nirvana, isn't it?

Then maybe they'll be happy. I know I will, but we don't want to know that so...shhhhh!


Charlie Foxtrot said...

Sea Kitten and Chips last night....maybe sea kitten sushi (ironically named the Kalifornium Roll) for lunch.

PETA: People Eatin' Tasty Animals

I hope those 'tards continue to push the Sea Kitten meme. They're looking more foolish every time.

Heath J said...

Heh. I'm meeting my dad over at the dock in about an hour. Gonna catch a whole tag limit of "Sea Kittens".

And then batter and fry them.


Bubblehead Les. said...

The sad thing is that PETA is considered a Not-for-Profit, and money donated to them gets diverted from the Treasury. But seeing how Barry and his Cronies are running things, they'd just spend it on something else that's just as dumb.

staghounds said...

Some sea kittens bite your daughter if you catch them.

Sabra said...

Of course, if they were real kittens, PETA would be all for killing them, which is what I find so annoying about it all. PETA is a huge agent of death for "companion animals", believing their being killed (and, often, thrown into Dumpsters) is a better fate than living without being loved enough or the right way or whatever the hell a kitten in a cage in a rescue society signifies to them.

LabRat said...

So, enough about PETA. Tell us your fish pie recipe.

The Jack said...

Sabra: Yeah, and their animal shelters have far lower adoption rates and put down animals at a far highre rate than normal shelters.

It's funny, that an organization predicated on the idea of "all animals are equal", doesn't.

But that's how such orgs go.

Meanwhile.... mmmm Sushi.

Thanks Tam! I think I figured what I'll have for dinner.

WV: keedupe. Fitting

Joseph said...

I agree with you, Sabra.
My companion animals are considered part of my family. I take good care of them, and they give love unconditionally. Some days I tell them, "Daddy has to go to work, to that place where they pay me money so I can by your treats!" And I go off to work, and they...snooze and play. LOL. Both are rescues, and seem pretty happy to me.

PETA is a bunch of fools who can't make it in the real world...I wonder how much the admin staff gets paid??

Stingray said...

You know what scares me? Vans with no windows!

(I have nothing useful to contribute about PETA, but I couldn't let the title escape without comment. :D )

Steve Skubinna said...

Actually, PETA's long term goal is the end of "companion animals," in fact the end of all human interaction with animals.

Anyone with a pet of any species who contributes to PETA is a fool.

John B said...

or as we call them around here.
Those Stupid Effers

Crotalus said...

Wait.. lemme think here... You mean Ben discovered that in spite of humans being moral (?) vegetarians, nature still had predators and prey?

SHAZAM! Who'd a thunk it?

Anonymous said...

googled sea kittens lots of funny stuff there read some PETA sites hard to find any that wern't making fun of them. Are there any members? Realy are there? I get the impression it's a front for somthig else.

Marja said...

Has PETA ever given any idea of what they think should be done with pets if they got their wish and keeping them was forbidden? You can't put animals which have evolved into having a symbiotic relationship with humans into the wild, so the only options would probably be some sort of zoos (which they don't approve of either) or killing them all off. So basically they seem to be advocating the permanent termination of some animal species, right?

Joseph said...


That is pretty much it. PETA would rather have companion animals dead than be pets. I actually think PETA would rather have all humans dead, too. They seem to ignore the fact that nature itself is brutal and deadly.

Joey said...

It's PETA -- of course it doesn't make any sense!

The Jack said...


Plan to eat Sushi... Success!

Forgot to mention that at Eiggle Crik, but thanks for putting the thought in my mind.

H2O didn't have much selection kitten-wise so went to NC instead.

They do an off menu Yellotail handroll that's great.

Marja said...

I have some chicken legs I have to eat tomorrow, but maybe I will buy salmon the day after. And it's been way too long since I last went fishing.

And I think I will give some cream to the cats tonight.

Carrie the Secular said...

Um. PETA doesn't run shelters. That's the whole point. They provide free euthanasia to people who can't afford it and animals who are too sick and injured to be adopted out. Saying they have lower adoption rates than a standard shelter is like saying that a hospice has a lower survival rate than its neighboring hospital.

J.R.Shirley said...

Well, they are so much alike.