Thursday, July 29, 2010

A friendly reminder from Mother Gaia:

When you get far enough out in the boonies in many places on this wonderful planet, you are no longer at the top of the food chain.


Themadlemming said...

The posts on that article are a bizarre mix of pathetic and funny. I think the latter is unintentional.

Anonymous said...

Properly armed humans are always at the top of the food chain, wherever they roam. I think that isolates the problem here.

Mark R.

Tam said...

Mark R.,

As the saying goes, "Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you."

jimbob86 said...

"Properly armed humans are always at the top of the food chain, wherever they roam. I think that isolates the problem here."

If it looks like a rabbit, and acts like a rabbit, it will be treated as such: prey for all predators. If it looks like a rabbit and bites like a rattlesnake, rabbits will be safer and predators more reticent.

Do grizzlies hunt rattlesnakes? Lions don't screw around with cobras .... there is a lesson in that.

Boat Guy said...

Natural Selection at work.

Heath said...

Another reason I carry a .44 to the great outdoors :)

A snout full of Corbon is a mighty fine deterrent

Joel said...

Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of bears, I will fear no evil, for they are with me. My Browning and my Kalashnikov, they comfort me.

Steve Skubinna said...

But... but that never happens in the Disney films! Baloo never et nobody!

Damn reality is on the fritz again.

Joseph said...

Even in many supposedly settled areas, mosquitoes are on top of the food chain.

Anonymous said...

Moritat von Mickey Grizzly

O the grizzly and her bear cubs
think your tent's a candy bar
Recommended: sawed off 12 gauge
DO NOT leave it in the car

In a campground, Sunday morning
All the campers, full of woe
Had some bears go on a rampage
Where the hell else would bears go?

Poor Old Yogi and little BooBoo
Just tell Mr. Ranger Sir
they came for my pic-a-nic basket
Left with slug-holes in their fur

Remind Yogi, Balloo and BooBoo
It is best if they turned and ran
They'll recall we make no truces
When the Bear walks like a man

Make ye no truce with Adam-zad
The bear that walks like a Man!