Monday, July 19, 2010

Notes from the day yesterday:

  • Breakfast at Good Morning Mama's. I had, instead of my usual Stuffed Burrito Sonoma, the Swiss Bliss omelet: pancetta bacon, spinach, 'shrooms, Swiss cheese, and drizzled with parsley butter. Yum!
  • Gander Mountain had a good selection of ammo. Prices were as expected for Gander Mountain: Not completely outrageous, but not screaming deals, either. I did pick up a carton of Federal .22 and added another box of .45 to the stash I'm trying to build up for class in October.
  • I can't hack the CTC Lasergrips on the Gun Blog 9 in the kind of 90% humidity weather we've been having lately. The rubber is just too slippery when my hands get all sweaty. I haven't used the laser in months anyway, so I'll just dig some conventional checkered grips out of the parts bin until I can shake loose the dough to order some VZ Gatorbacks from Brownells.
  • Out-of-state guests at the Blogmeet! Earl, riding back West after big adventures out East, and Mr. & Mrs. Crucis. And Frank brought sweet corn! It was a largish 'meet; I didn't get a head count, but there had to be close to twenty people. Bobbi has the quasi-offical report.
  • Thanks to a law change in Indiana, we can now finally buy take-home beer from brewpubs on Sundays, although the beer at the grocery or liquor store will still cause eternal damnation if purchased on the Sabbath. I celebrated with a growler of IPA.


dave said...

Have you made it to Alcatraz yet?

I always did have a taste for their Birdman Brown. Kept trying to bring a keg home to Oklahoma, but I always seem to leave town on Sunday.

Jay G said...

Speaking of out-of-town guests at blogmeets... ;)

Stranger said...

MMM, a growler. 64 ounces. Four pints. Two quarts. Enough for a good glow, at least.

As the prohibition era lament went,

"There was a little man,
He had a little can.
He tried to rush the growler.
No more beer, no more beer
No more beer on Sunday."