Monday, July 12, 2010

Not buyin' it...

Martin McPhillips isn't even slightly persuaded by the latest explanation for the Russkie spy gaffe, which is now officially "Oh, we were juuuust about to arrest 'em anyway when that li'l Anna gal kinda rushed us."


Sam B said...

Did you read the next story in line:

A prima facie security threat?

Long association (20 years) with a virulently racist and anti-American organization? Check.

A longstanding association with Leftist radicals connected to terrorist bombings in the U.S.? Check.

Early (childhood) influence from family friend who was a member of the Communist Party of the United States of America (then a Soviet front)? Check.

Admits seeking out the most radical elements of university life during his college years? Check.

He sounds like a national security threat to me. He would easily be the most troubling person involved in American politics, even if he wasn’t President of the United States.

Ian Argent said...

My money's on they wanted to do the spy swap thing, and needed some Russian spys that didn't matter. The Langley Gold Club is notably uninfluenced by 1600 PA Ave, NW (or, for that matter, 23rd and C, NW, except when they decide to have a sausage-grinding contest). FBI counterintel isn't much less skilled at ignoring all 3 (except when they feel the need to declare they have the biggest sausage). And there's no good reason for exposing known enemy agents unless they cannot be moved out of a critical information flow without blowing the gaffe anyway. While cocktail party gossip *could* conceivably be mashed together to make real intel; if you know the sensors, you can spoof them pretty easily.

And this just isn't a big enough story to have come across the desk in the Oval Office for Himself to use as a decoy.