Wednesday, May 30, 2012

As a side note...

I would like to point out to the people at the Chinese consulate criticizing the human rights situation in the US that when it comes to human rights, people vote with their feet, and it has been over two thousand years since you needed a wall to keep people from moving into your country.


Matt G said...

You can't possibly take that essay seriously. It looks like a "B" paper by a high school student in one of those struggling school districts where they're just proud and pleased to see Johnny use paragraphs and generally have subject-verb agreement.

It is full of anecdotes of incidents found in newspaper articles, to point out that this is evidence of our national policy.

Then (and this is awesome), they compare us against our ownselves, using our own metrics: "The poverty rate for children in 2010 climbed to 21.6 percent in 2010 from 20 percent in 2009, with 653 counties seeing a significant increase in poverty rate for children aging 5 to 17 and about one third of counties having school-age poverty rates above the national poverty rate ("

They're referring to the poverty line that we drew for our country. How do you think children in Tibet and Mongolia feel about the average poverty rate in Kentucky and West Virginia?


trevalyan said...

Yeah, as I said in a previous thread, it's not even close when you compare it to this:

Spread it far and wide. It's almost (but not quite) "worth" the tax dollars spent on StateDep. If "arbitary or unlawful deprivation of life" doesn't do anything for your average liberal, maybe knowing that 80% of Chinese women face sexual harassment in the workplace will keep things in perspective? Ahahaha, I kill me sometimes.

Angus McThag said...

To be honest, the Mongolians didn't want to live in China, they wanted to live in Mongolia in the FORMER China.

They wanted the land, not the nationality.

Drang said...

And all of these statements of what is wrong with the Commies pointing fingers at us are true, and they will have what effect on the US .gov?

Bram said...

I won't get too cocky - we have American Senators working on an exit tax right now.

Brad K. said...

Apparently there is a regular underground railroad, transporting Chinese from the mainland to Canad, then over the border into the US. They work a couple of years in a Chinese owned business (often restaurants), and then move to a new locale and act like regular citizens.

And this smuggling of people from China to the US has ben going on for years. Just a slow trickle, though, compared to Mexicans of a decade or three back.

That is a funny direction for people to be fleeing, what with the US being known for human rights problems.

@ Matt G.,

One of the biggest factors behind children and women dropping into poverty is divorce. I haven't heard much on the impact of divorce on Chinese rates of poverty. Or even divorce in China, come to think of it.

Drang said...

Battlespace preparation: US Memorial Day marked by excessive patriotism|Americas|

Marja said...

Well, there is one group who keep on trying to get to China. North Koreans. But they seem to be pretty much the only illegal immigrants problem China has.

Of the Communist states Soviet Union actually had immigrants before the second world war, at least not a few Finnish communists crossed the border illegally in the 20's and early 30's in search of their paradise. But when the goers seemed to mostly disappear - their friends and relatives never got any 'wish you were here' cards, that slowed down considerable. Later it was found out that most of the illegal hopefuls didn't exactly get a warm welcome, a lot of them got shot, or ended up in the labor camps.

The Jack said...

Well there's one part of their border where China has to worry about mass refugees streaming over for a better life and more political freedom.

So congratulations China, you beat the Norks.

Course you heavily subsidize them. In part to ensure that South Korea isn't on your border.