Friday, May 25, 2012

Boldly went.

Huh. The allegedly "unmanned" SpaceX rocket was actually transporting a powdered engineer, in case it had any problems with its dilithium crystals, or whatever.

Weren't we supposed to have permanent orbital colonies at the Lagrangian points by now?


Bob said...

Just add Scotch?

Roberta X said...

And soul. Or does the wee dram qualify as that?

"Powdered" is the form in which most people find members of my profession the easiest to take -- but like eggs, once reconstituted the texture is never quite right.

Bob said...

On this Memorial Day weekend, we should remember that James Doohan served proudly in the Royal Canadian Artillery in WWII and went ashore on D-Day, where he was wounded by friendly (unfriendly?) fire on the 2nd day, taking six slugs from a Bren gun. One, to his chest, was stopped by a cigarette case, and another to his middle finger caused that digit to be amputated.

Tam said...


Wow! I did not know that.

(And thanks for kicking me down that wikihole... :o )

Bob said...


Scott said...

Thanks for the James Doohan trivia. I am glad he finally made it into space.

I remember the L-5 Society all too well. When I was in College, in the late 70's, I was a member. I still have the "L-5: Sex at Zero G" bumper sticker somewhere. It was the only campus group that had young and old, conservative and liberal, male and female and STEM-geek and Non-STEM-geek members.

Grayson said...

Thank you, Bob.
Amd a nod to the RCA:



Keads said...

As Bob points out, part of the fun in Star Trek TOS is watching the camera angles trying to hide the missing finger.

Hunter said...

Grayson, Is "Ubique" the motto of the Canadian artillery as well as the engineers?

Stretch said...

We were also suppose to have:
Moon Bases
Asteroid mining
Hypersonic jet travel (Sydney in 2 hours)

What are we staring at?
Heinlein's Crazy Years.

Anonymous said...

"Weren't we supposed to have permanent orbital colonies at the Lagrangian points by now?"

Yeah, so every few months they could report to Earth; "Ooh look; we're in space! It's ultra expensive and we're dying from the radiation, but it sure is cool!" -- Lyle

The Jack said...

If memory servers that's also why for many of the shots zoomed in on Scotty working the levers they had to bring in stunt hands.

Grayson said...

Reply to Mr. Hunter

I have seen the word 'Ubique' on insignia for both the Engineers and the Artillery... but, as I recall, the motto of the RCA is different - methinks I must do some homework today.