Thursday, May 24, 2012

QotD: Shrinking Market Edition

In response to HuffPo's news about CNN's incredible shrinking ratings, KurtP writes:
Can you imagine what their ratings would be if CNN wasn't the default setting on every airport TeeWee and motel lobby in the country?
As FOX and msnbc ratings relative to CNN show, people prefer to do their shots of infotainment straight up, not cut with insipid fake "neutrality" that does nothing to cover the aftertaste of bias.

(As a side note, I've noticed a lot of bar and airport TeeWees tuned to CNBC lately.)


Jim said...

> a lot of bar and airport TeeWees tuned to CNBC lately.<

I've been meaning to work up a little post on that. My wakeup drill includes channel-hopping MSNBC-Fox-CNN-CNBC.

The first three will make you mad or disgusted. The fourth can make you broke. But at least CNBC reporting can often be traced back, however tortuously, to some actual, verifiable event in the real world.

The Raving Prophet said...

I've been watching more CNBC in the mornings while torturing myself at the gym. I've noted that while they can be vulnerable to the usual hyping of economic news, they do tend to be more connected to reality than the usual posse of traditional news channels.

Anonymous said...

Frequent flyer.

Just sayin'...

Sigivald said...

Their ratings would be the same, since ratings are based on Nielsen reports, and Nielsen doesn't include things like that.

Nielsen, because their job is to indirectly sell ads, cares only about people who are really watching TV, not TVs blaring into space where nobody really gives a damn.