Monday, May 07, 2012

Primary sources...

If you are a Hoosier going to vote in tomorrow's primaries, Roomie has a link to a place where you can find out who will be on your ballot.

While everybody is yammering about who gets the White House, the smart voter will be looking at elections that actually matter to them, and that they have a chance of influencing: county commissioners, tax assessors, sheriffs, prosecutors, et cetera.

It's taken years of neglect of the farm teams to bring things to their current sorry pass in DC, and it's very likely, even probable, that this is all an isometric exercise anyway; ain't no way we're pulling out of this tailspin. But I figure there are people voting at me, so I may as well vote right back at 'em and, besides, it's something to do 'til the lights go out.


og said...

"the smart voter will be looking at elections that actually matter to them,"


Panamared said...

It should be obvious that the best bet you have of influencing Government is on the local level.

fast richard said...

I am beginning to think that it is a mistake to wait until the candidates have been selected and placed on ballots. To have any real choice in the matter, it is necessary to show up at the meetings where the candidates are chosen and/or help specific candidates for local or state office.

After only a little of this type of activity, my state legistator knows me by name and I am beginning to learn how local and state government actually works. I'm not sure how to have an impact on the national level. That seems to be more exclusively the domain of professional manipulators.