Thursday, May 31, 2012

...while Rome burns.

"Your guy said 'Amercia'!"

"Yeah? Well your guy said 'Polish death camps'!"

Yeah, and the seat cushion on this deck chair says RMS Titanci.


The Great and Powerful Oz said...

Hey, where can I get some of those cushions?

Jim said...

I took a media-free day yesterday, so you caught me flat-footed with "Amercia." I had to Bing it to learn that Mitt's vast dreams hinge on our forgiveness of a typo by one of his social media geeks. I'll bet that kid reflects on, "I love to fire people."

(lightbulb flashes) In honor of the irreplaceable VFTP, we could rename this corner of Blogville "Tamicia." Nice classical touch, eh?

But if you don't like it, forget it. :)

Anyway, thanks for the mention.


Son of Sam Adams said...

"Negro lynchings". I guess it all depends whether that's being used in past tense or future tense.

Anonymous said...

The election happens Tuesday, Nov. 6th. Nothing's going to hurry that along. There's a chunk of us voting for Obama (by "us", I'm probably not referring to your readers), a big old glop of us voting to fire Obama, and the bunch in the middle who I think have to be steered at this point.

If ridiculing Obama looks like the high percentage play, forgive me but I'm going to ridicule the Commander-in-Choom.

Not the high road, I know.

Mike James

perlhaqr said...

Funny, I just made this same basic comment to my girlfriend. Given that every time the left tries something like this, whether it's dogs or bullying or mis-statements, they end up on the down side of the raft, you'd think they'd learn eventually.

It's not like there isn't plenty of real stuff to criticize Romney on. Leave the circus side show stuff alone.

Kristophr said...


Never interrupt the enemy while he is making a mistake.

I hope they continue to spazz out over typos, while Romney continues to beat the 100% inflation since 2008 and and 12% ( real U-3 number ) unemployment rate drum.

Kristophr said...

As for the Romney camp, I can't find any official statements about Obama's Polish gaff.