Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gadgets and gizmos...

I really love my Leatherman Micra. It has sat at my right hand on my desktop for years now, but I've never attached it to my keychain. While undeniably useful, it's just a bit too bulky to hang there between the Zed Drei's alarm fob and the knockoff Photon light.

At Fry's the other day, however, I ran into a package deal containing the Leatherman Style and a Lenser V9 and snapped it up. That's exactly the setup I was looking for to put some useful tools and a bright and tough mini light in there amongst my car and house keys. Recommend!


Stuart the Viking said...

Nope... I can't do it. I never fly, but if there came a time that I HAD to, I know there is no way I would even think about that itty bitty little multi-tool on my keychain as a weapon and would probably try to walk right through screening with it still attached.

With my luck, that would be the day they would be looking to "make an example" out of someone.


Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Between the remote/key for my car, and the CPR mask (that doubles as an emergency glove pouch), plus the assorted keys I need for home, work, and EMS, I just can't add any more to my keychain. But if I could, one of those mini multi-tools would be on there. That does look like a good combo, though.

Les Jones said...

How's the Lenser? I carry a Photon as a second light, but the new one I just bought is annoying. The light only stays on for 10 seconds or whatever even if you hold it and then you have to press the button again. The old ones were better.

jed said...

I'd be curious about an extended use review of the Lenser too. I'd rather have a AAA keychain light, but then I could buy a bulk pack of AG3s for cheap, store them in the fridge, and not worry about batteries too. I just like battery commonality, and not having to keep a bunch of different types around. In fact, that's what's kept me from buying a Streamlight Nano.

But, my Fenix E01, while not kaput, didn't turn out to be handy on the keyring. And the lens fell off. I guess I could make a new lens easily enough, but it just irritates me now.

Unknown said...

Just be careful with all that stuff. The extra weight on the key has occasionally caused damage to the ignition switches of vehicles. According to Click & Clack of Car Talk - the Volkswagon is the most prone to the problem. I had the problem with a Honda (many years ago) it does add additional wear to the switch.

Just FYI.

Tam said...

Having had the same daily driver since the Autumn of '01, it seems to be holding up well thus far. I'll keep an eye on it, though! :)

paulinmordor said...

I LOVE my Leatherman Micra. It sits in my office top desk drawer and it gets used several times a day by me or one of my employees. I'd be lost without it.

RevolverRob said...

I noticed Leatherman makes the Style PS which is TSA carry-on legit (no sharp knife blade). I wish I'd known that before, I have an international trip coming up and it's too late to order one and have it arrive in time for the trip.

But that's pretty cool.

Kristophr said...

+1 on the VW key breakage.

My wife likes hanging tons of stuff on her keychain ... after one too many pothole bounces on the road from Fields OR, Mr. Ignition Switch failed, and the VW bus would not operate or even start.

We had a multi-mile walk to the nearest road ... 42.13795,-119.058845 ... got a ride out from some Oz tourist who happened to drive by.

Will said...

Back in the 90's, I bought a bunch of the Micra's, and gave them out to family and friends for Christmas. Kept a handful for my own use. Gone through most of them by now, as the scissors wear out.

Most useless tool on it is the tweezers. It's worthless. I keep a Swiss Army Classic around because those tweezers are the best.

Yeah, it's too heavy for the keyring, with everything else on it.

You might consider using the cop type key wrap for the excess stuff on the keyring. Think it's call the Key Silencer, Cordura type nylon with Velcro to hold it wrapped up. Protects you and the car from dings, and you don't sound like an ice cream truck as you walk around.

ZerCool said...

I tried the Style last year. I switched to the SAK Classic AlOx.

The Leatherman now collects dust on my closet shelf.

Stuart the VIking said...


I was at the beach with a friend-of-a-friend when that happened to my VW Bus. I just scrounged in the spare parts box for a switch and a push button and bypassed the ignition all-together. Only took me like 30 minutes.

The friend-of-a-friend was freaked out that I had just ripped the thing apart and re-wired it on the fly (the sparks didn't help when I got something wrong the first try) and refuesed to ride in the bus after that. Good riddance, dude was a douche anyway.


Kristophr said...

Didn't have proper tools or even a wiring diagram.

The later buses armored the switch to prevent this kind of thing.

After that little adventure, that bus got a toolkit and a mechanic's manual.