Friday, December 20, 2013

Another bottle of Hippie Tears, waiter.

It never fails to amuse me to watch people get spittle-spraying incensed over an issue on which they are so gob-smackingly, self-evidently, completely uninformed.

Seriously, it's like watching a rhesus monkey upset at a conclusion in a physics paper.


RevolverRob said...

Realistically, if Dave donates his children's college fund to the NRA-ILA, it is probably put to better use than sending Dave's daughter to college, so she can earn that interpretive dance degree and get a job as a manager at McDonald's.

Wait...Mickey D's isn't hiring interpretive dance majors anymore?! Someone alert the university, they need to warn the children their job prospects are now zero.


rickn8or said...

Your best chance of future employment at Mickey D's would be as a service technician for the BurgerBot®.

MoBoondocks said...

So if the guns are controlling their owners what's controlling those ballbabies to make then douches?

Scott J said...

Something tells me we'll never see that cartoonist wearing the smile

Tam said...

The cartoonist's profile states "My work has appeared in the Village Voice, LA Times, Ms. Magazine, The Progressive,, and altweeklies around the country."

With a resume like that, no doubt she'll be doing The Young Person's Illustrated Das Kapital next year, as well as #OCCUPY: The Graphic Novel

cj said...

Wow, I made the mistake of reading some of the comments over there. Hard to believe how narrowly some people view the world, and I really hope I'm not blindly like that about any topic.

Cormac said...

I went all cross-eyed trying to read those comments.

I feel dumber having experienced that

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I wish I had the neurons back that burned out when I read that cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Comparing a rhesus monkey to the average daily Kos reader/contributor is an insult to the monkey.

Toy poodle might have been a more appropriate comparison.

Critter said...

my head now hurts.

SiGraybeard said...

I was wondering how many comments until the penis jokes started. They didn't waste any time.

I wonder what the weather's like in that universe?

Tam said...


"I wonder what the weather's like in that universe?"

Warmer. ;)

The Jack said...

Oh the comments.... the comments.

Like this one in response to a comic where a gun literally whispers evil nothings into a man's ear.

When objects transcend from their objective description and function (e.g. a fork) and are elevated to the status of symbols, with subjective values assigned them (e.g. a firearm) they seem to enter a realm where logic is easily surrendered to emotion, and rationality is occluded by passion. From that point on, the management of such objects becomes less about what they objectively do, and more about how people emotionally relate to them as an idea. Good luck regulating emotions.

I'll take accidentally explaining the other side's point for $1200 Alex.

And yes, I actually looked up the writer's other posts and threads to check if he really was anti-gun.

And interesting to see this guy now at the level of "These 'murrican's are ungovernable!"

Matt G said...

The concept of a gun acting on its own, and telling a gunowner what to do is not at all silly to a hoplophobe.

Steve Skubinna said...

Eventually it will occur to lefties that if they really want an end to massacres, then they should stop committing them.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Steve, the Internet called and asked where you would like it delivered.

Firehand said...

And when one of them who's either not a hoplophobe or simply has enough working brain cells to rub together for a spark points out the problem with something like this, they accuse 'COUNTERREVOLUTIONARY!' or "Get the kulak!" or something; because if he's not part of the screaming he must be a troll.

Witness the guy who pointed out Obamacare was screwing his family and he didn't like it. They acted like he'd just walked into their holy place and pissed on the idol of Marx.

perlhaqr said...

I'm only commenting on this post to give Steve a thumb's up, 'cause *daaaaaaayum*.

global village idiot said...

This is what comes of being emotionally attached to the outcome of a political movement.

Sure, conservatives can get emotionally attached to politics, but it seems to occur far more on the left.

But no matter who does it, the phenomenon always looks the same...flush-faced, spluttering hysterics.


global village idiot said...

I wish this thing had an edit function. Oh well...

We've all noticed the profound ignorance of anti-gun types. It only just occurred to me a moment ago that expertise is not merely a symptom of the belief system but very nearly a requirement.

It's unnecessary to know how a gun works, why it works or why lots of them work in the aggregate. Who knows - maybe they think that if they know how the gun works, it'll be able to speak to them and tell them what it wants them to do.

It is, however, essentially necessary to be able to believe ("bellyfeel," to take the Newspeak word) the phrase "I care and I want to make a difference."

It's unnecessary to THINK about that which you CARE about in this case - it is merely enough for you to "care." "Caring" is a positive, warm-fuzzy word that makes its user feel good about himself without actually having to do anything.

Likewise, "wanting to make a difference" means COMPLETELY NOTHING without some qualifier. But this too is utterly irrelevant, every bit as irrelevant as the question of "HOW?" is to someone with a "Free Tibet" bumper sticker.

Earlier today a Facebook "friend" posted something about how pulling hair off of rabbits is cruel and that's how the Chinese get angora fur. It included a petition to sign.

Hmmm...a bunch of Americans signing a petition to get the Chinese to stop doing something....

Yeah, I thought so too.

But he "cares" and he's "making a difference." See how that works?


Buzz said...

As a frequent blood and platelet donor, the list of questions about with who and where I've been is pretty much memorized.

I'm pretty sure reading your comments after you visited Kos makes me ineligible to donate brain tissue or take an IQ test.

Kristophr said...

Buzz: Someone actually wants brain sample donations?

This may explain Daily Kos. They have been too generous.

Windy Wilson said...

Kristopher, it's an area in which they can "care" and "make a difference", so they give until it hurts (others).

Anonymous said...

If you prefer your hippie tears in video form, check out "Whale Wars " on Animal Planet. They all take a vow to give their life if necessary to save a whale. Then they play chicken with ships in the Antarctic Ocean. Since they fly a "Jolly Roger " flag and wear masks when they approach, I keep waiting to see a line of Japanese Self Defense Force Marines on the rail using the Bob Barker for target practice! What load for Green Peace/Sea Shepherd /Occupy??

George Groot said...


But in all seriousness any system where all opinions are validated based on equality instead of applicability you end up with the law of "averages" coming in to play.

Describe the average person. Then realize that a statistically relevant portion of the distribution curve is dumber than that.