Saturday, December 28, 2013

Overheard in the Kitchen...

RX: "Would you like a bagel?"

Me: "Yes, please! Although you didn't get any cream cheese..."

RX: "Ewww!"

Me: "How are you supposed to eat a bagel without cream cheese?"

RX: "Why don't you just put some mayonnaise on it?"

Me: "What?!? They don't taste anything alike!"

RX: "They're both unpleasant-tasting white substances."

I guess this is payback for my comments about rice and legumes.


Joseph said...

I'm going to choose to self edit this morning and not make the first comment than popped into my head. You're welcome.

global village idiot said...

I'm not.


og said...

If it's payback, it's a long run for a short slide.

Can't imagine eating a bagel without cream cheese and novalox. Without the accoutrements, it's just a piece of relatively unappetizing bread.

The four big players in our office take turns buying breakfast for everyone on fridays. So once a month we get donuts (President) three times a month we get bagels (Veeps) A donut has never lived until noon; there are always bagels left over.

Tam said...

That's because, being bread-flavored Quik-crete, on bagel is as filling as three donuts. :)

Peter O said...

Has she tries some of the flavored cream cheese spreads? I know they've converted a couple of my relatives.

Brad K. said...

You mean, you wouldn't run tap water over your corn flakes, if you were out of milk?

I might have tried a bit of butter, with brown sugar and cinnamon, lightly toasted under the broiler in the oven for a few moments, until the sugar carmelized.

Not the same, but not that bad, either.

Or, there might be room for jelly or preserves on a bagel. Peanut butter?

Perhaps what best serves the bagel isn't the white color, of the cream cheese. What about a slab of colby cheese, lightly toasted under the broiler?

And then one might confuse the bagel with a morning biscuit, as far as slipping on a bit of bacon and fried egg, perhaps a slight slice of cheese, with a treatment of bacon drippings or butter for the bagel?

What about a drizzle of olive oil for the moistening condiment, on the bagel?

Refusing the bagel without cream cheese, would be like refusing to shoot the Henry lever-action .22 because one doesn't have a Colt AR-style rifle. The targets and varmints won't know the difference, and hey! Shooting!

Scott J said...

What is with the hatred of mayo anyway? It's just eggs, oil, vinegar and a few spices.

Jennifer said...

Bravo, gvi
I was going to say something witty, but it's gone now

Tam said...

I just had it with butter, but it wasn't the same.

jim in houston said...

Swiss cheese, salami, and ranch dressing inside the bagel, a few minutes on the George Foreman until the cheese melts into the dressing. Thanks for the link to the rice-n-beans. I live on the stuff (cheap, healthy, soaks up unlimited hot sauce) but I don't brag about it. Kinda like my thing for bagpipe music. Horrified to learn (just a minute ago) about Qdoba... my sister lives in Martinsville so I'm always looking for something up your way for her that is fit to eat... a Mx chain owned by JitB? Satan, depart!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Lox, cream cheese, and bacon.

Critter said...

bagels with cream cheese and lox, with black coffee, is the breakfast of the gods.

Weer'd Beard said...

BTW put some yogurt on a coffee filter in a strainer over a bowl and leave it in the fridge over night.

The end result is very much like cream cheese. And can be done with non-fat yogurt for fat-free goodness.

I like to mix in some garlic salt first for more yummyness

og said...

Fuzzy, this is why we are brothers from another mother.

rickn8or said...

You've all overlooked the obvious; peanut butter on a warm cinnamon-raisin.

global village idiot said...

o Bagel
o Fried egg
o Slice of cheese
o Thinly sliced ham

Krishna on a krooked krutch, do I have to explain EVERYTHING to you people?


Weer'd Beard said...

GVI Add some Sriracha and I'm IN!

Commander_Zero said...