Thursday, December 19, 2013

QotD: No Thanks, We Got This. Edition.

Bobbi on why she doesn't need a City Department of Snow Shoveling:
Every dime the City has, they took from the pockets of you and your fellow inhabitants.  By the time they'd've gathered up a Snow-Shoveller Corps, uniformed them, issued shovels, inspected them for disease and degree of imbecility, worked up a manual of arms for Shovel, Snow, Official, m. 2013, trained supervisors, hired a department head, etc. etc., my taxes would have gone way, way up...
RTWT for an excellent example of a wookie-suiter pragmatically interfacing with the other monkeys in the cage.


John said...

You, Borepatch, RobertaX and others frequently use the term wookie-suit(er). I get the general gist of it, but would be interested in the actual "etymology" of the term. Is there a post/discussion that could shed light on that? Like, when it was first used?

Tam said...


Shootin' Buddy coined the term: wookie-suiter.

John said...

Excellent. Thanks from a fellow wookie-suiter.

Keith said...

Two comments:

A) Will the department of snow shoveling have to wear wookie suits?

B) The solution here is obvious, the government simply needs to ban snow.

Anonymous said...

By the time all the impact studies, mission statements, RFQ's for shovels and the training sessions were complete for the SS Corps, it would be July and the snow would have been long gone.

Dot gov would claim the program was a complete success with all of it objectives achieved.


Brad K. said...

@ Gerry,

In the worst of all possible outcomes, the Dept. Of Sidewalk Clearance would begin with an ad hoc call for interested folks from Parks and Recreation mounting up with a carton of snow shovels from Ace Hardware or KMart or somewhere, and target homes of the elderly and handicapped, before moving on to streets and homes that neglected to clear their sidewalks in the allotted time frame (with resulting bills to property owners, just like overgrown and weed-infested lawns).

The evil part would be the natural progression of things. That is, a planning staff, separate HR offices, a distinct budget, applications for Federal grants, and notice by SEIU. Contract negotiations, retirement benefits, working condition stipulations, etc.

Evil empires don't usually start out looking like a monster. Often they appear as benign as a government swiping a community's good deed to buy votes, and industry advocates, at a city, state or federal level.

Once you establish a government flow of money, you deliberately construct an industry invested in maintaining and growing that revenue stream, as if for that industries' very life.