Friday, December 13, 2013

The season of dry-fire.

Winter temperatures have settled in over Hoosieropolis, and I have a confession to make: I haven't busted a cap in almost a month.

Holidays, cold weather (cold enough that I hear Iggle Crick didn't even open last weekend), one thing and another, and it's all been dry fire practice in the basement for fifteen or twenty minutes a day.

I could go freeze at MCF&G, or I could drive down to Beech Grove Firearms (is Pop Guns still open out on the east side?) This town is desperately short of indoor ranges. Don's doesn't count.

Modern turning target carriers. Neat!
BGF has a wonderful, clean, modern, well-ventilated facility, but driving there from Broad Ripple is something of a pain; either navigate cratered surface streets straight south through the worst of the 'hood to emerge in Beech Grove, or take the freeway down through town and back around on 465; akin to driving from Indy to Nashville, TN by way of New Orleans.

I need to pencil out one day a week and make myself go shoot.


Frank W. James said...

OR you could drive up to scenic Lafayette and shoot at the indoor range on the south side.

I've been shooting there (testing stuff for articles) at least once, if not twice, a week with this cold snap.

I've got a rifle to test and I emailed the boss it was going to be awhile before I would go prone in 3 degree weather to test something on the 100 yard range.

(I really don't like testing rifles off a bench because whenever I shot something in the field I could never find that damn bench.)

Stay warm....

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Paul said...

Nearest good indoor range here is about 1 hour away. Good range, not heated but a lot of lanes.

Built into a overpass on one end. I wondered how they got the franchise. The town is adamant anti gun, but some of the denizens are shooters. Never could figure that metric out.

We used to have one on the north side, but boorish behavior by patrons in the parking lot got the neighbors to raise enough stink it got closed.

Guys who ran it always complained about over site and HEPA filters to keep lead out of the air. A real PITA to keep running I guess.

Scott J said...

I got out to my range yesterday to keep up my attempt of one session per week minimum.

I always have to hurry since it's my "lunch hour" from the cube farm. I usually just shoot steel plates since I can get 50 rounds onto them, police brass and get back in roughly an hour.

One day I may see if I can get a dot torture drill in.

Ran long yesterday since I worked on some speed drills, mozambiques and one and ones on paper. Did a little 20 yard work too.

It was sunny but 46 degrees and quite windy (thought it was going to remove my target from the sticks at one point). It was unpleasant enough I wondered what it must be like for you poor Yankees.

I would just go to an indoor place but I already pay $240 a year to be a member where I am and all the indoor places cost $12 or more and I'm cheap.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Indy needs a good indoor range on the Northside.

Maybe someone should run a Kickstarter for that :)

Anonymous said...

There is also Indy Trading Post on the south side. Still a long drive for you, but not quite as far as BGF.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Don's Guns? I fondly remember his TV commercials from 20 years ago.

Peter said...

Try a BB pistol in your basement (there's a good-quality BB clone of the M&P for not very many bucks). Low-cost, not overly dangerous, and BB traps can be set up in several locations to practice draw-and-shoot. Best of all, you can go upstairs for tea or coffee whenever you please!

Drang said...

"I need to pencil out one day a week and make myself go shoot."
Yes, I do...

Scott J said...

"Try a BB pistol in your basement"

I keep meaning to do this since there are nice 1911 BB clones too but I keep stumbling across deals on reloading components and jump on them instead.

roamer said...

At least you're warmer than Caleb is (did you see the blurb he posted about it being too cold to walk to the bank to deposit checks?)

Why do I live on the west coast? Because my busted-up knees stay warm enough to work...usually.

I may not love the politics here in Seattle, but rest assured next time he comes back to visit I *will* be mocking him for that one.

Critter said...

this is also known around these parts as the season of casting bullets.