Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wiki Tab Clearing...

Four Wikipedia tabs open again for some reason.


Bob said...

How about the wire of dentistry?

I’ve burnt my holler teeth out with a red-hot wire.”

“Good God!”

“Hit’s so. The wire’d sizzle like fryin’.”

“Kill the nerve?”

“No; but it’d sear the mar so it wouldn’t be so sensitive.”

“Didn’t hurt, eh?”

“Hurt like hell for a moment. I held the wire one time for Jim Bob Jimwright, who couldn’t reach the spot for hisself. I told him to hold his tongue back; but when I touched the holler he jumped and wropped his tongue agin the wire. The words that man used ain’t fitty to tell.”

TBeck said...
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TBeck said...

When I read item the second I thought, "current events." Does that make me a bad person?

SiGraybeard said...

And when I read item the third, the first thought that popped into my head was Ren and Stimpy's song, "Don't Wiz on the Electric Fence".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the graycoats took AZ in one battle, roughly half way between Phoenix and Tucson.
It didn't seem to make a lot of difference.


Micki Mahoney said...

I'd love to know how Dunning and Kruger tested people for 'competence' at humour.

"In ze following video you vill zee a man falling over a bucket. You vill then tell us if zis vas funny or not. If you give ze wrong answer, ve vill administer an electric shock."

Or maybe they had them do five minutes of standup in front of a panel, who all sat there stony faced with clipboards like some hellish job interview.

"Your nervous, sweaty demeanor is not endearing and AmIrite is not an acceptable punchline. Next!"

billf said...

Micki-It's easy,some people constantly say things that they think are funny,and then laugh like hell,(even though no-one else laughs)and then repeat the joke over and over all day.
I was a manager of engineers and machinists for 30 years,and I can guaran-f*****g-tee that 'Dunning-Kruger is a thing.
You end up with everyone thinking they are all the same,cause the smart guys lack a little confidence and the dumb guys have too much confidence.The only way to tell,is have a meeting and introduce a new technology,and watch the incompetent guys eyes glaze over.

Steve Skubinna said...

I am actually refutation of Dunning-Kruger.

I have a very low estimate of my competence. Thing is, it's accurate.

Joe in PNG said...

I worked with a guy who was the anthropormorphic personifaction of the 'Dunning-Kruger' effect. The man could talk a great game, but couldn't even cut a 2x4 to length without costing the organization and 3 other people $1000 each- while leaving the 2x4's uncut, the saw in a thousand bits, and he'd be away, blaiming the disaster on you.

He's gone now, but we're still cleaning up his messes, both figurativly and literally.

Joseph said...

I'm usually reluctant to mention the phenomenon of people who are unskilled and unaware of it on the grounds that it's commonly cited in debates between two groups of arrogant fools each claiming that the other side is unskilled and unaware of it. It might be worth citing in a debate between people unskilled and unaware vs. people who are unskilled and aware of it.

John said...

Isn't there a name for when an expert in one field tries to assert authority in an unrelated field because of the expertise in the first field?

Other than arrogance, of course.