Monday, December 02, 2013

That was pleasant...

"The Yellow Dress"

Spent the afternoon at the Indianapolis Museum of Art today with Roomie and The Data Viking. The IMA is hosting a Matisse exhibit from the Cone sisters' collection at the moment and it's worth the viewing.


John said...

First class design of that exhibit. Went with a rendezvous of far-flung relatives, staying just off the Northern Beltway.

Also, first visit to to Museum. what a great collection, and display. The African fabrics and artifacts, alone, are worth another visit.

BTW, y'r beloved Broad Ripple is almost straight down from the hotel, so it got a quick automotive drive-by. Can see how it is attractive, as a village with amenities. Rock-on!

That North Beltway commercial strip with uber-Malls, restaurants, and a flocking drove of automobile-borne week-end part and dining types was invigorating. Haven't exposed us to that type of mass-herd in years. Nice to do, once, just to see what a great many citizens consider to be dining and entainment.

Happy Indy to you.

John said...

Fine exhibit. first visit to Broad ripple, too.

mikee said...

One of the very, very few positives of the decade I spent in Bawlmer MD was living for 5 years just a short stroll from the Bawlmer Museum of Art, where the Cone Sisters' had a permanent exhibit.

A recreation of one room of their home consisted of 3 walls covered in millions of dollars worth of beauty done in paint, purchased long ago before Matisse and others became popular.

Pink Lady was a favorite of my small children. Hope you got to see it in the, well, flesh, as it were.

Drang said...

So... Do they allow photography in the Indy Museum? Seattle Art Museum flat out does not.
OTOH, the Denver Art Museum used to allow non-flash photography of some exhibits, but frowned upon tripods and the like, more as nuisances to navigation (and potentially to exhibits) than anything else.

I'd almost like to go visit the Detroit Institute of Arts one last time, before they sell it off, just to check out the Medieval/Renaissance armor collection. (Which I suppose may well be the first on the auction block, being less valued by the types who are already shrieking about the horror of divesting The People's Art Collection...)