Saturday, December 07, 2013

Tab Clearing...

  • Being a provincial Hoosier, I hadn't quite realized that NYC's mayor-elect won on a campaign platform that was actually to the left of the NYT editorial board. Man, it's gonna be interesting to see just how long they can feed the masses on magret d'oie aux œufs d'or before they run outta geese.

  • We reduced Japan to a pile of radioactive smoking rubble in 1,346 days. It's now Day 1,355 and, despite promises to do likewise to the healthcare system, they're still working on it. The FDR administration built almost a hundred working aircraft carriers faster than the Obama administration has managed to build one working website.


Roberta X said...

"The FDR administration built almost a hundred working aircraft carriers faster than the Obama administration has managed to build one working website."

The ineffectiveness doesn't bother me; I rather like a Federal Gummint that can't accomplish much. It's the amount of money they spend the damage they do to people in the process that I find annoying.

Tam said...

Yeah? I wish they'd repeal the law entire!

Devynsdad said...

What we need now is a good scrap metal drive.

Ted said...

To be fair to the Obama Regime, it does take time for your cronies to siphon off $400-600 million dollars.

Hell, Solyndra did not fail in a day.

Divemedic said...

The FDR administration also built:
- the Pentagon,
- 122,610 tanks and armored fighting vehicles
- 324,750 military aircraft
- 22 aircraft carriers
- 1,028 surface combat ships
- 34 million tons of merchant ships
- converted 141 merchant ships into escort carriers
- invented the atomic bomb
- invaded Africa
- invaded Europe
- Invaded 47 pacific islands
- nuked Japan TWICE
Say what you want about FDR, he got shit done.

Anonymous said...

divemedic, let's stop perpetuating the myth that any government actually makes things. All government does is draft and enforce legislation and redistribute wealth.

FDR's administration did not build anything. They purchased all those tanks, planes and ships from private industry. The Army directed the Manhattan project but the scientists involved were private contractors and the uranium was bought from commercial mines. Also Truman made the decision to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


billf said...

I don't think I would give FDR the credit for getting shit done(all by himself).
That was an inspired generation.Americans,when faced with a challenge,will rise to the occaision more often than not.However,this time around,a good may of us are scratching our heads and saying WTF?

Divemedic said...

Al: By that same metric, the businesses didn't built those carriers, the shipfitters, welders, and other trades did.

It was a nationwide effort, and I am willing to give the Federal government its due. They managed and directed, which is what they are supposed to do, especially in wartime.

Chris said...

Bobbi's comment reminded me of the old saw, "Politicians are like rats. What they eat themselves is trivial compared to what they destroy getting it."

Joe in PNG said...

The Manhattan Project: Turning a few, vague theoretical physics concepts into two working weapons from scratch, using slide rules and crude mechanical calculators to crunch a heck of a lot of complex math, all while figureing out how to build a lot of freaking complex stuff.

Meanwhile, the Obama admin can't figure out how to make a website that can do something Amazon had been doing for about a decade before.

Anonymous said...

But FDR didn't have to face GOP saboteurs and a hostile press! He only had to fight against the entire might of the Japanese empire while also fighting against the Nazis at the same time. And the website is now working on some days. So, what are you harping on about? Nothing to see here. Move along.

azmountaintroll said...

At least FDR knew what nation he was President of, and wanted that nation to continue to exist.

Anonymous said...

Obama has a handicap. He golfs. FDR was stuck in a wheelchair and all he could do was go to meetings and make sure the people under him did their job.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't hurt that you know you're fighting to destroy an enemy (make them pay) for attacking you. Nowadays... pin prick a prick here & there, then shovel in the welfare. All with some layer ready to throw you in the brig if you kill somebody the un-nice way.

The Grey Man said...

Not appropriate today to use the anniversary for politics. As a cancer patient who's being dropped due to OCare, I'm as opposed to the law as any. Just hold off on the politics until tomorrow please.

Please let us reserve this day for Lt(jg) Ralph Hollis, his shipmates aboard the USS Arizona, and all others who gave their last full measure for our freedom.

jon spencer said...

I think there were over 100 jeep carriers alone that were built during WW-2.

Lawrence Person said...

Thanks for the sweet linky goodness!

Linda Hardin said...

This is a whole diffirent world we live in now... The Attack of Pearl Harbor was a Extreme Attack on our basic values... Our Grandads, & Our Dads, & Grandmoms, & Moms Values... My Dad died before I ever knew him ( US Army), My StepDad, US Navy would not discuss in, or allow us to watch the Horseshit on TV. My Uncle spent 5 Years in the Phillipine Jungle... Hiding & Starving US Army. I could go on, cause I have a long list of loved ones we lost, before and after...This is the day of respect for All Lost at Pearl and Those who dedicated their lives as a Result... It Ain't Political

Tam said...

Linda Hardin,

"This is a whole diffirent world we live in now... The Attack of Pearl Harbor was a Extreme Attack on our basic values..."

There are those who would say likewise about the Affordable Care Act. I'm not sure I'm not one of them.

Anonymous said...

"magret d'oie aux œufs d'or"