Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gratuitous Gun Pron #97...

Glock 19 w/AmeriGlo I-Dot Pro sights and CTC Lightguard.



Alien said...

Any analysis of the Ameriglo dots? How is the front sight to find in daylight?

Tam said...


"Any analysis of the Ameriglo dots?"

Yes. ;)

I like 'em. I prefer the orange to the green. I have 'em on two M&Ps (if they made a "suppressor height" set, I'd have 'em on three) and the Glock. The M&Ps have orange; the Glock has green because that was what was in stock.

DJ9 said...

Any problems/trouble with the CTC Lightguard? Battery life okay?


Tam said...

They don't have the longest battery life on the planet, a function of the single-cell design, I guess.