Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Imported juice.

Someone had asked about battery life on the new shirt pocket camera earlier, so...

Immediately after snapping this pic of a Kawasaki Versys while out bicycling to Kroger today, I went to zoom in for a tighter shot and the screen went white with a polite note informing me the camera was powering down due to a low fuel tank.

The battery was last charged over two weeks ago while I was in New Hamster, and since then I've taken just shy of 250 photos with it, as well as a fair amount of general futzing around figuring out all the menus and trick effects and whatnot. I am not displeased.


abnormalist said...

So, since you posted it, its the interwebs, and you're known to enjoy the two wheeled moto-bikey thingies, any thoughts on the Versys?

I've been eyeing one as a beginner bike and it seemed to be in a pretty sweet spot. Either that or a 'zuki boulevard c50

Firehand said...

'Bout a year ago I bought a Nikon Coolpix as a shirt-pocket camera. First time charged it, about a day-and-a-half later it signed off. Recharged, and after that first cycle it's never run out. Including shooting a few dozen pictures and a few minutes of video.

Also: the video and sound quality of this thing was a shock, much better than expected.

Don M said...

Saw a Ducati yesterday. I have a warm spot for that, as we used the 750cc engines for it on the early Hunter Drone aircraft.

LCB said...

Kind of frustrating sometimes that my wife get's better shots with her point-n-shoot camera than I do with my DSLR. Oh, it's always my fault cause I'm always playing with the settings to "hone my hobby skills". And then I forget to put everything back to "normal".

Point being, it's amazing how good a little $50 camera can be.