Thursday, July 31, 2014

I have to applaud...

...the tact of the Israeli ambassador on the Today show this morning when Savannah Guthrie was tut-tutting him over collateral damage in Gaza.

She was sitting not five miles from the craters of a terrorist attack that, directly or indirectly, set off a chain of events that has caused civilian casualties that the Israelis would darn near have to burn Gaza City to the ground and plow it with salt to equal. (Not to mention the civilian casualties caused by the eponymous Project hatched on the same island, down the street at 270 Broadway.)


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

They should burn Gaza City to the ground and sow the smoking ruins with salt.

Netanyahu needs to stop piddling around and get serious.

Paul said...

Israel will not have peace until they clear out Gaza. Course the rats would just tunnel under the parking lot. Best they can do is to buy some time.

Boat Guy said...

I am amazed, impressed and more than a little mystified by the Israelis restraint. . I am none of those things at the medias persistent demonization of the only deomcracy in that quadrant.

Anonymous said...

History and logic must not be required courses for media majors.


Anonymous said...

History and logic must not be required courses for media majors.


billf said...

I think Golda Meir said long ago,"We will have no peace until they love their children more than they hate ours"
Apparently,not yet.

Sabre22 said...

The Israelis should Drive on to the med in the south wheel to the north get on line and destroy everything between them and the Israeli border in the north. Finishing Hamas for at least a generation

Kristophr said...

The non-Israeli Arabs in Israel paid full price for this e-ticket to hell.

I have no sympathy for them.

That being said:

Bonus points if you can identify ALL the participants ...

Firehand said...

Gerry, I'm sure they have some background in history and logic; thing is, they want the bad guys to win.

RandyGC said...

One example of Israeli restraint that flies over the heads of the Meat Puppets is the report that they took out Gaza's power plant with a tank round.

IOW, they did minimum damage to achieve their objectives and left a repairable facility, rather than flattening it with artillery or air strikes.

staghounds said...

Adding together Palestinians and Israelis, there are about 26,000,000 people altogether personally invested in this issue.

That's the population of Texas.

The people of Texas contain MANY people with as severe and as recent grievances as the Palestinians, and Texas doesn't have any of this.

The United States has no essential interest in what prayers the policemen in Jerusalem say. Yet we are paying everyone to be good.

We should pick a side and let our choice run wild, or wash our hands and let them settle it.

My fearless prediction, a day will come when Israeli passports are redeemed one for one for our blue books, with transport provided by the U. S. armed forces.

Will said...

Their self-restraint is counter productive.

I would make it clear to the Gaza residents that EVERY rocket or shell that crosses the border, after a certain date, will earn the largest bomb that can be carried by their air force. EVERY ONE. If the residents can't, or won't, stop Hamas, tough shit. I figure, eventually, the attacks on Israel will cease. Whether due to lack of living residents, or all of Hamas dying by the efforts of the people there, won't really matter.

Israel was foolish to give up that land, and the other areas. Appeasement doesn't work. It just puts things off for a bit, and usually cost you more in the end.

Anonymous said...

RE: media

We're talking about people who are not much brighter than the sheep in "Animal Farm". In this case, the party line is, "Israel baaaaaad, Palestinians goooood! Israel baaaaad, Palestinians gooooood!"

I'm not sure when it happened that the Left decided that Israel trailed only apartheid-era South Africa and the United States in the "Worst Country in the World" sweepstakes; I recall Hollywood USED to make movies praising Israeli courage and determination. Those days are gone.

Will said...


are you aware that Israel is now estimated to be #4 in the nuke warheads running? ICBM range of 8500 miles, among various other delivery systems. If needed, they can turn the mid-east to rubble, and then bounce it a few times to make their point. Unfortunately, the Islamic idiots there will probably insist on it. Strange that they think their god would be so appreciative of suicide. That is one screwed up cult.

Ken O said...

Gaza needs to be on the same list as Carthage.

staghounds said...

That's my point. If Israeli victory is what we want, (domestic politics!) we should encourage that by cutting the Pals loose and saying out loud that we don't care. If Arab victory (oil!), we ought to encourage that the same way in reverse.

Or wash our hands, which is my choice.

It would be terrible no matter what. Eventually, something catastrophic will probably happen. Six million Jews and twenty million Palestinians suggests that even nukes won't save Israel without our threats and bribes. I suppose that when Tehran and Riyadh get them MAD might stop intergovernmental wars- it has so far. But this low intensity running sore stuff isn't sustainable without outside money, and we provide and can stop it.

Paying both sides for peace, and getting war, is almost too stupid even for Government.

And how is it the interest of the United States to tax and endanger its citizens over the whole mess?

P.S., as usual it's a mystery to me why the Israelis, who can target the Hamas leadership, don't do that rather than blowing up schools and hospitals, full of rockets or not. Start killing the bosses- every time a rocket flies, a Hamas honcho dies. Eventually you'll get down to one who wants to live in peace and gets his lackeys to knock it off.

mariner said...

I believe targeting Hamas leaders is not as simple as it sounds, or Israelis would be more successful at it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like staghounds has the right plan.

The only drawback (based on my hazy understanding) is that the Hamas honchos tend to bravely direct their wars from places like Riyadh or Damascus or Paris where the Israelis can't really get at them and, even if / when Mossad does go +1, "the world" has a collective attack of the vapors over ASSASSINATION!!!!

Apparently, it's more acceptable - at least, for some countries / leaders - to bomb the crap out of whole cities or drone strike entire houses / families out of existence to get "a senior [insert nogoodnick group here] leader".

staghounds said...

"Damn right it was assassination. Yep, in Paris. That's where he was. And whoever wants to step into his crater, you've been warned."

What are the French or the Saudis, or the Americans, going to do- get mad?

It's easy to find the leaders, their names are on Wikipedia and their talkers go on the news. Also, they get the money. Follow the secret bank accounts.