Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It was hot and humid...

...so I didn't go to the range today.

If it was going to be hot and humid all week, I would have sucked it up and gone, but it's supposed to be pretty glorious weather Thursday and Friday. Dunno if I can wait that long, though. If it's not raining buckets tomorrow, I reckon I'll go put in an hour.


Anonymous said...

Hot and humid enough, and you don't need to buy tracer ammo.


KM said...

Here its hot and more hot.

Of course, it is July in Arizona so that's not exactly 'news'.

alanstorm said...

You live in Indiana.

"Hot and humid" pretty much covers April to September, no?

Firehand said...

Son & daughter-in-law made their first visit since the wedding(he finally got leave), and while it's nothing new to him, the heat & humidity here in Oklahoma was hard on her(has lived in WA for a long time).

Be a week or more before I hit the outdoor range; when the humidity is this high, upper 90's gets downright miserable.