Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Overheard in the Office...

Me: "It's like there's a spinal reflex to yell 'FALSE FLAG! FALSE FLAG!' anytime something like this happens because, apparently, nobody's ever been to a gun show and looked around. Our side needs to own our 'tards."

RX: "If by 'own' you mean 'take behind the barn and beat the ____ out of'."


Jason Mills said...

For a lot of them, I'd prefer take them behind the barn and ol' yeller them...

Chris said...

Would it be possible to take turns? ;)

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

RX: "If by 'own' you mean 'take behind the barn and beat the ____ out of'."


Anonymous said...

I'll admit that I find it almost impossible that some gun owners would not recognize the damage they do with their butt-head moves. That there must be some other rational or motive for their douchbagery.

Then I am reminded of my old friend and doctor of bio statistics favorite saying,
"Stupidity is equally distributed throughout the universe."

Your roomie is correct.


Reno Sepulveda said...

America! America God mend thine every flaw.
Confirm thy soul in self-control thy liberty in law.

The Raving Prophet said...

People do love that "No True Scotsman" fallacy, don't they?

Thing is, I've seen absolutely horrendous, if not actively dangerous and reckless, gun handling in gun shops and other places- by people I knew for a fact to be on "our side."

Hate to say it, but there's a not-insignificant portion of gun owners who do nothing but give ammunition to our political opponents. And they aren't going away. If we're going to fight for our right to defend ourselves and carry weapons, we have to come to terms with the fact that it means these yahoos are going to use those rights as cover for their imbecility and will even likely harm someone else due to their carelessness.

That's the price of freedom and there's no getting around it.

RandyGC said...

Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

But RX's prescription is appropriate in either case.

Paul said...

Behind the barn is too good for them.

They need to be castigated in public by some CCW's or any adult that knows how to deal with spoiled 2 year olds.

When did we start raising whiney cripples (Most OCers) instead of functioning adults anyway.

Robert Fowler said...

I get to watch a bunch of these idiots when they come to the show. Some of them absolutely scare the shit out of me. That makes the case for no loaded weapons allowed in the show. I've had enough guns pointed at me to last two lifetimes.

Roomie's right, we need to drag em out back and beat the piss out of them.

rickn8or said...

"Stupidity is equally distributed throughout the universe."

Oh, I'll agree to that, but concentrations of stupidity are more pronounced in some people.

OldTexan said...

To quote that world renowned philosopher Forest Gump, "My momma always said, stupid is as stupid does."

Sebastian said...

I've never understood the reluctance to admit that out of the millions of people in the gun culture, there will be some percentage of them that are dumbasses.

Anyone who's ever been part of running a gun club, or, like you said, looked around at a gun show, would be hard pressed to avoid admitting there are people out there who, while legally eligible to have firearms, probably would do themselves, their families, and society a huge favor if they found another hobby.

staghounds said...

I suspect that part of it comes from a life's experience that our good ambassadors, and "their" bad ones, are memory holed.

"Our" nutjobs will constantly be held up as typical and standard representatives of us all.

It's hard trying to convince even ourselves that we aren't all like that when like that is all we are shown.

Eric said...

My favorite gun show attendee was the young man wearing body armor with crotch protector over his Lakers jersey.

I stopped attending gun shows when the panic buying started in 2008.

Mike_C said...

Over on the link someone says "Being a physician I can only ASSUME an IQ of at LEAST 100 is involved" which is probably true, but that says nothing about common sense. Speaking as a physician (point being that I've spent lots of time with other physicians), it's pretty clear that the requirements to get into medical school are: 1) good college grades, 2) doing well on the standardized MCAT test, 3) being able to conceal sociopathy for interview purposes. That's pretty much it.

Most physicians are pretty decent people (much like most other USAns). But there's definitely a bunch of narcissistic, arrogant (and/or conceited) ones out there. I have no idea about this Steinmetz dude (and can't be F'd to research him), but my money is on entitled jackassery rather than any sinister ulterior motive.

Joe in PNG said...

The first step in dealing with a derpes infestation is to admit that you have a problem.

And lets face it, in a world where our side buys Taurii, Serpas, and EXTREEEEEM!!! SHOOOOCK!!! ammo... yeah, we got the derpes.

OldTexan said...

I spent several decades selling very high end fountain pens and writing instruments in my store to Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chief's (CEO's) and part of the fun was dealing with the interesting, intelligent, wealthy clients who had more than their share of totally, self centered, bat-shit, craziness.

Middle class and poor people are just nutty and crazy but the rich are eccentric and the further out from reality the go the more sure of their asshole selves they become. I don't know why but that is just the way it seems to be. Of course when their strange behavior involves buying pens that cost thousands of dollars I loved it.

Robert Fowler said...

"pens that cost thousands of dollars".

Holy jumpin heyzus. I'd like to see a thousand dollar pen. Makes my last gun purchase look tame.

mikee said...

Gun owners don't own stupid, but we sure have our share of it.

See something, say something, do something! As Homeland Security would have us do!

Better the less thoughtful among us get chastised, corrected, or spanked by a friend than an enemy.

VDKK said...

I've seen my share of derp and just plain ignorance, crazy, paranoia and obtuseness.

One incident I was a witness to at a gun shop involved a man who muzzle swept another customer while fiddling with his O/U shotgun and the muzzle sweep-y objected, which seemed to set the sweeper off.
It went something like this

Customer 1: Please don't point that shotgun at me.
Customer 2 (indignantly): It's NOT loaded!
Customer 1: I don't care, that's not good-
Customer 2: Are you telling me how to handle a gun? I've been handling guns for over twenty years and if I want to do something like THIS (raises shotgun and points it at the rest of us customers standing near the counter, waving it from side to side) then I can!
Then he stomped out of the store like a toddler in the throes of indignation leaving the rest of us to wonder, aloud even, "did that just happen? Right now?"

Randy Maness said...

@vdkk, I had something very similar happen. I walked into my local gunstore to have a customer turn around and point his pistol at me(I didn't know that almost the exact conversation you described had just happened). Well, instinct kicked in and I took the pistol from him, breaking his trigger finger.
He tried to sue me but the video footage got the case thrown out. We all have idiots, even gun owners.

Geodkyt said...


The store I worked at, Customer #2 would have be "disinvited" as soon as he yelped.