Sunday, July 13, 2014

In the tank.

Let me get this straight:

  • The Ukraine situation is still as tense as ever, and Russia could invade the eastern part of the country to "help stabilize things" any ol' minute.

  • China is jumping froggy with territorial claims all over its eponymous seas.

  • And the entire southern and eastern Mediterranean littoral, with the exception of Israel and the parts of Egypt under direct control of its military, is one great big Failed State, as ungoverned as it has been since Gaiseric of the Vandals sacked Carthage. And we share responsibility, by engaging in some more of that creative 'regime change' we keep trying to get right, for a big chunk of that.

  • Iran and North Korea are still proliferatin' away, but we're de-MIRVed. Unilaterally. To set a good example that Russia and China and everybody else is sure to follow.

  • Israel is fending off another attack from Sunni Hamas, while Sunni ISIS is only one narrow and wobbly Jordan away from being able to join in on that party.

...and the media is not howling 24/7 that this is the most blisteringly inept foreign policy administration of the postwar era? Seriously, Jimmy Carter looks like frickin' Bismark next to the feckless dorm-room intellectual currently haunting the golf courses of the greater DC area. The wheels are coming off the global wagon and the Sunday morning talking head shows are business as usual.

If there were a Republican in the White House right now, you can be sure that there'd be reporters with dogs and torches trampling the herbaceous borders in the Rose Garden, braying about how the world is closer to Armageddon than any time since the Cold War, but when it's their guy* at the helm? Crickets.

*...and I mean their guy. For good or ill the blame or praise for anything this administration does rests equally at 1600 Penn Ave and 30 Rock. The traditional media covered his '08 campaign with less scrutiny and marginally more adulation than they would have a Beatles reunion tour, were such a thing possible. Journalism went right out the window in a flurry of tingles.


Reno Sepulveda said...

I've got an extra fiddle Tam. Helps ease the tension while everything burns.

Bubblehead Les. said...

You can add Putin's South American Commie Reunion Tour, where they just set up a deal to build three Nuclear Reactors in "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" Eva Chavez's "The Malvinas are MINE,MINE,MINE!" country.

This is after he visited the Castro Brothers and paid a Courtesy Call on the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

And let's not even START with Sub-Saharan Africa, which is making Syria look like Switzerland.

And of course, Barry's Solution to the Southern Border Crisis is to ask for more money so as to process those kids into the United States, where they can grow up to be the Next Generation of DemaCommie Voters. No Pressure applied to Mexico to stop it is occurring at all.

This is in spite of the fact that the Second Largest Federal Police Force in the country is ICE, who has over 2,000 "Surplus" MRAPs (even though the Reserve and the Guard are still making do with 'Nam Era Armored Personnel Carriers). Yet ICE, which has Federal Police Authority ANYWHERE in the U.S., was told to "Stand Down" from doing their Job a couple of years ago. Sound like there's 20,000+ Cops who could man the Southern Border tomorrow to me. So why aren't they there, one wonders.

And FWIW, Jimmy Carter was my Commander-in-Chief for four years, and I say this: America was SAFER under Him than this..... "Current President."

Be Afraid. Be very afraid.

Jess said...

It's more important they show him playing pool and ignore the failed foreign policy. After all, if they tag him with the responsibility, they too become recipients of the rocks soon to be thrown.

Windy Wilson said...

But Hobby Lobby is a greater threat to peace and good order. Just ask my leftist brothers and their Stalinist wives.

This reminds me of the substitute teacher coming in, not knowing the curriculum, or where in it the class is, with the various pupils acting up, because the real teacher wasn't in charge.

Everything was Bush's fault, and none of this is Obama's, so the next President can't blame Obama, particularly if he has an (r) after his name, in which case the blaming will be a sign of the dreaded "R word" and "H word" (Racist and Hypocrite). I almost want a Democrat in the White House in 2017, except things can get MUCH worse than they are now.

MG-42 said...

Ice is to busy going through peoples boxes at Home Depot 800 miles away from the border to actually do any good.

Robert Langham said...

You haters! It's not like he did NOTHING...he DID encourage the Israelis to broker a cease-fire with the folks who are firing rockets at their nuclear reactor and citizens.

Ted N said...

Well, when you put it like this, you make it sound so bad.

Doesn't matter though, because you're Racist, and it's all Bush's Fault, you Bitter Clinger.


Typical Liberal said...

You're racist!

Kristophr said...

I'm way more concerned about the current 'tardministration's efforts to drive the whole world away from the dollar, including the Saudis, and their ending support for the petro-dollar.

This will end poorly.

RKN said...

Deliciously amusing foreign policy theater lately. The neo-cons criticize Obummer for doing too little, the de facto libertarian for suggesting we do even less, and the press for understating the "very, very deep threat" (pace McCain) various unrest around the world poses to America. In the meantime, a former president, who arguably set this whole mess in motion, now paints pictures of himself attending to his daily ablutions.

What a world.

Tam said...


So, what you are saying is that you think the press would have been just as mum had the previous administration pushed the "OVERCHARGE" button on Pootie-poot and then aided in the toppling of the Libyan government with no plan for a successor regime?

Robert Fowler said...

Bubblehead Les. said...
And FWIW, Jimmy Carter was my Commander-in-Chief for four years, and I say this: America was SAFER under Him than this..... "Current President."

I only had 4 months of Carter. I went in under Nixon for my 1st year and the rest was under Ford. As sad as it is to say, I'd rather have Nixon back compared to what we have now. Of course I didn't think Nixon was all that bad, he just got caught.

Yrro said...

Gaiseric totally gets a bad rap. I'd take him over the current alternative.

Joseph said...

Let's see. Hamas fires dozens of missiles at Israel with no casualties, thereby looking more and more ineffective. (They can take looking brutal---they thrive on that---but they can't take looking ineffective.) They're unlikely to return to the suicide-bombing tactic as it is very hard to recruit experienced suicide bombers.

Meanwhile, the oil price has been kept high long enough to revive the US oil and nuclear industries.

Russia is facing a choice between ignoring Ukraine and looking impotent and invading and grabbing enough pro-Russian areas to prevent and future pro-Russian elections.

There's a strong possibility the dollar will collapse and turn the US into the world's low-cost producer.

Finally, a few zillion kids who will grow up to be union-busting "scabs" just crossed the border.

The current administration can't even be destructive right.

Windy Wilson said...

Wait, wait, WAIT. We De-MIRVed?
I suppose this is a case of being sure we won't have to fight the war before the last one.

Firehand said...

Hey, stop bitching about the border! The DoJ has a serious case of lèse-majesté against the Lord Obama to investigate!

I will note that I've seen bits from some journalists(sure as hell aren't reporters) nervously speaking in ways that indicate they're not real sure they kissed the right ass; and they can't figure any way to blame it on the R party

St. Grendel said...

For a second there, I thought I read, "China is jumping froggy with territorial claims all over its eponymous ass."

global village idiot said...

Is it only me, or has anyone else noticed a distinct absence of pressers from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (the Doomsday Clockers) since oh, say...21 January 2009?


AM said...

A Beatles reunion tour is only two funerals away....

Geodkyt said...

Nope, GVI.

But then, I've known they were just political hacks since High School, during the second consulate of Ronaldus Magnus.

ProudHillbilly said...

That's scary, isn't it? It's to the point where Carter was WAY better, and certainly more diserving of trust by our military.

Beaumont said...

That's the most concise, and incisive, summary of world affairs I've seen lately. The border crisis in particular seems to be causing as much outrage among various polities of the left, as it does among the right. A lot of Americans of all types may like to take a break from hating each other in order to kick the shit out of a deserving foreign country. I'm wondering if the first nuclear weapons of WW3 might be detonated south of the border, rather than in the Middle East.