Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trivial Pursuit...

You might not ever have heard of Hurley Manufacturing, the remaining company in the building vacated by Ovation, but we bet you have one of their springs. Among their products is the recoil spring that Colt ships in every AR-15, M16 and M4.
I did not know this.


RHT447 said...

Do tell. I did not know this either. Thank you for posting.

While stationed in (the former) West Germany, I bought one of these--


through the AAFES catalog in December of 1976.

Hard case--$69

At the time, I was working my primary MOS, Small Arms Repair. I still have the Ovation. Perhaps I should keep it next to one of my AR's so they can keep each other company.

DJ9 said...

Neat info, thanks for the link!

Tam, I sent you an email about a possible new soon-to-be-announced S&W revolver; if the email didn't make it through your Spam filter, can you dig it out and take a look at it, plz? Might be interesting...

DJ9 said...

May have been a false alarm, Tam.
Plz review the entire thread at the link I sent, and you can delete this after reading. Thanks.

Lewis said...

Great read.