Wednesday, July 09, 2014

True Fact.

It is totally not neurotic to look out the window every five minutes to see if the FedEx guy has come by, as long as you really really want the thing he's bringing.

(There's another camera post in the near future, FWIW.)


Jay Ater said...

Anything coming Fed-Up here makes us very paranoid, half the time they can't find us and they wont call for destructions.

Next day air packages may arrive in a week or so.

Bob said...

A watched pot never boils, and a watched-for delivery truck never arrives before dusk.

Charles Lee Scudder said...

Sadly I'm stuck waiting USPS for my new shotgun stock....It makes the mail less enjoyable somehow.

rickn8or said...

Uh, TWO famous authors.

The other one lives where you do.

TJIC said...

How ironic if what Fedex is bringing is a security camera.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I've been doing the same thing today for UPS. Got some 'lectronical stuff coming for the ray-dih-di-o.

Tirno said...

Fedex has been employing ninjas.

It's amazing the number of times someone has been in the house all day, and I come home to find a "Sorry we missed you, but this thing we want to drop off needs a signature" tag.

It must be part of their entry interview to find out if they were every caught playing at ding dong ditch as a child, and downcheck anyone that doesn't know what that is.

Leatherwing said...

It's also acceptable to be angry at your neighbor when UPS stops at his house and you get excited thinking it's Fed-Ex at yours.

Anonymous said...

You don't have a "thing" for the FedEx guy, do you?


Ken O said...

I'll swap you. Waiting for Grad School acceptance to come either USPS or Email. I feel like a webcam perv, hitting refresh repeatedly while staring at my inbox.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Tirno, they pulled the ninja bit on me once with a laptop. I was here all day, the doorbell never rang, and I walked out to find a tag on the door.

This wouldn't have been a disaster if I hadn't been going out of town for a week, leaving at oh-dark-30 the next morning.

So my wife had to drive out to the airport to pick up the laptop so they wouldn't "try" to deliver it a second time and then return it to sender when nobody was home.

They got a right chewing out from her about it, too.

Anonymous said...

FedEx dude was here at 0930, rang doorbell and IMMEDIATELY walked away! I was downstairs in my shop at the loading bench, took a minute to climb up to daylight; he'd already dropped my wine down the street at a neighbor! Thankfully they knew not what they had.

Scott J said...

You know I believe almost every delivery truck they and big brown use is tracked using a GPS device.

The tracking system you use to get package updates knows what truck ID the package was loaded on before going out for delivery.

It would be trivial for their system to show the truck's location once your tracking number hits out for delivery status.

It would be a cool enhancement. I wonder why they haven't yet.

Rick C said...

Tirno, clearly you need a motion detector on your front doorstep, hooked up to a flashing light indoors.

Mike_C said...

> You don't have a "thing" for the FedEx guy, do you?

Multiple US and world cross-country champion runner Lynn Jennings, on whom I had quite the crush back when I was a young (and slow) runner, married her UPS deliveryman. As to FedEx, I've never had a document go missing because of them, but they did manage to lose an MRI body coil (in crate about the size of a Smart car) coming to the US from Europe. Go figure.

rickn8or said...

Mike, I'm semi-rural and my house number is plainly marked on my mailbox, as are my neighbors.
FedEx-Every time, on time.
UPS-Every time, same time.
USPS-Bills and tax papers every time.
DHL- Oh-for-five.