Monday, February 16, 2015


One thing that I'd completely forgotten about in my years of digital photography was the anticipation of waiting to see what comes out on the roll.

I don't necessarily mean the goofy lomography talk of "Ooh! It's a surprise!" I know what I saw through the viewfinder, I was pretty sure on the exposure, and I'm taking a picture with a decent SLR and not a plastic toy camera* so I'm just waiting to see if it looked as good on film as it did in my mind's eye when I popped the shutter.

Sometimes it will be a bit of a surprise, though. Two of the rolls at The Darkroom right now are my first rolls through old cameras, a Canon A1 and a Canon T50, and one was through the Leica R4, which had a small light leak that I hope I fixed with the field expedient solution of some black electrical tape over the clear plastic film window in the camera's back. Those are more of a crap shoot than the Nikon EM, a known good camera through which I've put a couple rolls already.

*Although lor' bless those hipsters and their plastic toy cameras, because they may have saved film photography.